German Language for Beginners: 4 Language Skills You Need to Know

Foreign language always remains in trend as everyone loves to learn something new. German is one of the most widely spoken languages as it is the official language of several countries such as Belgium, Germany, Austria etc. After English, it is the most commonly known language in the European Union. Learning new language seems difficult but actually it is not. The first step to learn German language is to join German language course in Delhi.

Along with this, learners should know about 4 language skills which help them to learn this new language with much ease. These 4 skills basically include reading, writing, listening and speaking. For the sake of convenience, we have clubbed these skills in the set of two i.e. reading and writing & listening and speaking. Let’s have a look on these 4 language skills.

  • Reading and Writing

Reading and writing are known as the receptive skills as they require receiving and interpreting information. In order to learn any language, the first thing a learner has to do is reading. Take a cartoon magazine or an easy novel or anything textbook in German language and read it carefully and translate it to English. This is the test of your reading skills. Now, take an English book, pick any of the small paragraphs and then translate the same into German by writing. This is the test of your writing skills.

It is obvious that receptive skills (reading and writing) are easy as set of words are available and all you have to do is translation. Also, it is important to do reading on the regular basis so as to remain in touch with this language. Purchase good German audio course, practice reading with German cartoons and books, sign up for a daily German email, practice reading and writing at an online language community etc. Join German language classes in Delhi and learn German language easily.

  • Listening and Speaking

Next set of course is listening and speaking which is collectively known as productive skills as they require you to produce the language itself. Needless to mention, that these productive skills are difficult to master in since you need to correctly remember all the words and grammar forms so that the listener will be able to understand your point easily.

In order to strengthen these skills, one can purchase a good German audio course for listening and speaking this language. Also, learners should watch German movies, cartoons and television shows so as to know their words. Set up a language swap with German speaker either in person or using an online language community. While attending German courses in Delhi, one can also speak this language with the teacher for correction and improvement.

In order to learn German language, make sure that you are focussing on all 4 language skills as each of them has its own importance. Use these language skills while attending German language classes and learn this language easily.

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