German language learning enhanced with these awesome blogs

If you are a budding learner who wants to learn the German language, then you have tapped on the right window! Learning German can be all fun and knowledgeable if you have the right sources by your side. Mere mugging up of the words won’t help you, as they will directly be shifted to your passive memory, thus putting the whole German learning process to utter waste. When you are bored with books and the whiteboard, it’s time that you engage yourself into better and more creative means which enhance your learning.

There are blogs for beginners and advanced German speakers that help them to learn German in an effective manner derive cognitive benefits of learning German that follow. The major purpose that these blogs serve is to make the process of learning German effective and fun. Interactive as they are, the blogs get stored in the active memory of the brain, thus accelerating the German learning process.

Here are the top five blogs that you should look forward to, for a smooth German learning process:


Running with the objective to make German learning fun, GermanPod101 has blogs that tell the readers about the German language and about the country that the language belongs to. The culture, the food, the art, everything is being covered in the blogs, making them informative and interesting at the same time. GermanPod101 posts one blog every week.

German with Jenny

The blogs at German with Jenny are loaded with videos and audios to make sure that the readers are fully involved throughout the blog. The blog majorly focuses on reading, writing and speaking skills of the German language. There are also worksheets to for self-assessment that the readers can take. Two blogs are posted per week on this portal.

German is easy

The portal has blogs that talk about effective strategies to enhance your vocabulary, and the blogs are centered on explaining German grammar rules in an understandable manner. There is a specific section having the word of the day which makes the readers get familiar with a new word each day. There are two blogs posted each week on this portal.

Smarter German

The blogs at Smarter German are directed towards accelerated the process of learning German and familiarizing people with the German language skills that they need to know. The portal posts blogs every fifteen days, with an aim to make sure that each blog is of use to the reader.

Transparent: German language blog

This German-language blog is a great way to be friends with the German language through a platform that exhibits a passion for the German culture and its language. With two posts per week, the blog makes use of world-class technology and teaching techniques to help beginners and advanced learners get a deep insight into the German language.


German isn’t just a language; it is the door that once unlocked leads to a plethora of educational opportunities, wherein you not only learn German but also take a leap into its history and its cultural heritage. So what are you waiting for? Try these portals and have a German learning experience like never before!

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