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Horticulture science is a part of agriculture which deals with the various aspects of plant cultivation. Study horticulture in Germany and you will be introduced to the environmental, economic, sociological, scientific, technological and artistic spheres of plant cultivation. It may include plants for food and medicine and the non-food crops, as well. This branch of study mainly designs and develops environment friendly processes of crop production and breeding for human nutrition. Its functional framework also includes the visual enhancement of the living environment. The major areas of work and analysis of horticulture are tree and shrub nurseries and gardening, fruit and vegetable growing and ornamental horticulture, garden plant and seed growing, horticultural management and market theory, green house technology and plant protection and pest control.

Horticulture courses in Germany also deal with plant conservation, landscape restoration, landscape and garden design/construction/maintenance, arboriculture, horticultural therapy and much more. Horticulture science provides broad knowledge and a deep insight into the fields of modern horticultural sciences, such as modern production processes in intensive farming, sustainable resource usage and biological plant protection. Moreover, it also provides good knowledge about the sociological and economic knowledge and competence.

The horticulturalists are concerned mainly about the cultivation of plants, for human food or non-food purposes. As the traditional methods of cultivation are going off-board, horticultural methods are gaining more importance in the society. As a result, it opens up many employment options. Students of horticulture courses in Germany can build their career in public-sector administration, in private and public horticultural and landscape engineering companies, in commercial trading companies and garden centers, and in public, private and professional association horticultural consultancy offices and advice centers. Those who study horticulture in Germany may also work in public sector and industrial research and experimental institutes and departments, such as in the field of plant husbandry, in plant protection or pest control, in fertilizer industry or in science journalism. Horticultural engineers or manager may also seek employment in company sales departments from supplier industry, such as the manufacturers of plant protection or pest control agents and fertilizers, specialist horticultural machines and equipments.

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Eligibility Check

Verify if you meet the academic and language requirements for the chosen course and university.

APS Application

If required for your country, submit your documents to the Academic Evaluation Center for evaluation.

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Research and select the German universities and courses that align with your interests and qualifications.

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Research and select the German universities and courses that align with your interests and qualifications.

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After receiving admission confirmation, open a blocked bank account to prove sufficient funds for living expenses.

Visa Application

Apply for a student visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

University Enrolment

Upon arrival in Germany, complete the enrolment process at your chosen university to officially begin your studies.

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Every study program, whether it is Masters in Germany or any other course, has its own study conditions and curriculum. With the help of these two, it is easier to get along with all the different courses. The study conditions throw light upon the various subjects and lectures that are offered and the weightage of marks and credits each of them carries. It also highlights the lectures which need to be absolved. The curriculum shows the name of the subject along with the term in which it would be studied. A student can make his/her own timetable by seeking help from a senior student or the student advisor at the university.



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