Germany is a prominent leading name in the world of cars. It is commonly known as the country of cars throughout the world. However the well developed network of roads, rails, airports and bike paths does not limit you to the cars providing you enough convenient options to explore Germany using the means of transport you wish to use.

Travelling in Germany

Just like any other factor, German transport is also very efficient. Germany offers you multiple options you can choose from to get around the country. Germans mostly prefer to hire a car or take the train. You can also go shared rides if you do not wish to spend large amount on travelling. You will also find cheap domestic flights connecting nearby places and some flights even serve some routes within Germany itself. You can travel by bus if you have to travel long distance from one city to another. However the bus fares may vary a lot due to the large number of bus service operators in the market.

Trains serve as the cheap and comfortable means to travel

If you don’t talk about cars, Germany offers you the best affordable and fast mode of transport in the form of trains that are reachable to most of the parts of the country. The Deutsche Bahn (German rail) is the railway company run by the state which operates almost all long distance and regional trains. DB’s Intercity Express (ICE) and regular intercity trains link all the major cities of Germany. ICE trains travel with a very high speed cutting down your travel time much as compared to travelling by roads however are also expensive. But you can choose regular IC trains in the latter case. Germany also provides regional and local trains which include IRE (InterRegionExpress), RE (Regional-Express), RB (Regional-Bahn) and S-Bahn trains. You can get your tickets either online or at a vending machine placed on the station or at a ticket counter. If you are not able to get a ticket, you just need to get on the train and get a ticket from the conductor by just paying him 10% extra of the actual fare. If you travel a lot by train, network cards are the perfect option for you. You can choose a network ticket which is valid for one day to travel in any German local train or public transport or you may also choose a German rail pass using which you can travel to and fro in Germany for 3-10 days within one month.

Driving in Germany

If you have a driving license of your country, you get the liberty of driving in Germany on that license for six months. Your time is counted from the day you register your residence in Germany. However once the time period of six months expires, you need to give a proper driving test in order to obtain a German license. To lessen the accident rates, Germany has introduced a new system according to which you need be accompanied by someone who is aged 30 years or above and has a B-license for a minimum period of 5 years. The minimum age of obtaining a driving license in Germany is 17 years. Once you reach the age of obtaining a B-license, your BF17-license is replaced by B-license.

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