Germany is the country located very much in the centre of the European continent; in the “heart of Europe” some may say. In terms of population and economic strength it is the largest state West of Russia on the continent. About 10 percent of the population is foreign and another 10 percent has roots outside of Germany. Even if you are far from your home country, you don’t have to do without newspapers, TV and films in your own language. In all, Germany has more than 2,500 foreign-language media. Germany has a vast and prolific media industry. German-based print, radio and television deliver high-quality journalism that is widely respected by both the German public and international media experts. Here, we show you how you can receive them or buy them.

TV and films

You can receive all international channels via satellite. Many of them are unencrypted, which means that they are free of charge; however, for some you will require a subscription. You can find out everything you need to know about receiving satellite TV here. Another alternative is IPTV – that is, receiving television via an Internet connection. IPTV is available from most large telecommunications operators in combination with a fast DSL Internet connection. Mostly English-language programmes are included in the price. You can pay extra to receive channels in other languages. In addition they each independently organize a regional programme that offers regional content and more culturally and educationally oriented programming. If you want to view a film in your native language, you can also visit a cinema. Many cinemas hold screenings of foreign films in their original language.

In addition to this, you can find videos with free access on the Internet. You also have the possibility of renting films online. In Germany, around 5,000 shops stock international newspapers. You’ll find a large selection of foreign daily newspapers at airports and railway stations especially. Altogether, you have a choice of 150 foreign-language newspapers, most of them in English.

Radio Similar to foreign TV channels, you can also receive a variety of foreign radio stations by satellite. A very broad variety of German radio stations also broadcast in foreign languages. Both public and private stations offer radio programmes in English, Russian, French and Turkish, as well as other languages. They usually offer around six programmes on a regional basis, sometimes with local limitations, concentrating on general audiences as well as special target groups pertaining to different cultures, news, youth, etc.

Deutsche Welle (DW)

Deutsche Welle or DW which means “German Wave” is Germany’s international broadcaster. The service is developed with the aim of making a strong hold in the overseas market. It broadcasts news and information on shortwave, internet and satellite radio in 30 different languages. It has a satellite television service which is available in four languages; an online news site; own centre for international media development, DW Akademie. It is similar to international broadcasters such as France 24, BBC World Service, Voice of America, etc. It has been broadcasting continuously since 1953. The television broadcasts are produced in Berlin. Deutsche Welle’s website is produced in both Berlin and Bonn.

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