Ausbildung in Germany

Ausbildung for Construction

You can study in Germany, train on the job, and earn a stipend

Vocational Training

    Ausbildung for Construction

    If you are a Class XII passout, and aspire for a career in Construction, then Ausbildung program opens up many options for you. You can study in Germany, train on the job, and earn a stipend. And what is more, at the end of your course you can even get a job in Germany.

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    Germany is one of the finest places to work and to study. The German Skilled Immigration Act of 2020 helps employers find foreign nationals with minimum academic qualifications, bringing them in and training on the job at the employer’s place.

    This means, once enroled, you would learn at the institute, and train on the job in, and undergo  a comprehensive training in Construction. All this while earning a stipend which could go upto 800-1100 Euros a month.

    At the end of the course, in case you are keen, you can find a job in Germany itself.

    Plus, on your CV, Ausbildung would make you an attractive employee for Construction companies in other countries too.

    Anyone with a pass mark in 12th grade from India can apply for Ausbildung in Construction. Construction companies in the Ausbildung Construction  program are professionally run with state of the art facilities.

    You would get trained in all aspects of Construction,. About 30% of your time would be spent at the Institute where you are enrolled studying the theoretical part of your Construction Course. At the end of 3 year  you would be fully trained and ready to start you career.

    • You construct chimneys and furnaces for industrial use as a furnace and chimney builder.
    • You work on residential and industrial construction projects.
    • You also work on more complex projects like bridges or dams.
    • As a foreman, you take on planning duties and keep track of the technological advancement on the construction site.
    • You’ll move up the income ladder and the collective bargaining agreement with a master’s degree in your pocket.
    •  In addition to completing an apprenticeship, you need several years of professional experience to become a factory foreman.
    • As a state-certified structural engineering technician, you will be involved in the design and management of projects in building construction or concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

    You must be ready for three years and dual Ausbildung training as a future skilled construction worker.

    You go to school at the vocational school while simultaneously working practically on a construction site.

    You will receive a form of fundamental instruction in your first year of training that is common to all training vocations in the construction sector.

    You will acquire general information about structural engineering and the different materials you work with on-site at the vocational school.

    You strengthen your understanding of a subject in your second year of Ausbildung training, building on your previous expertise.

    Bricklayers, concrete and reinforced concrete workers, and furnace and chimney workers are the principal alternatives.

    Basic Requirement for a building construction worker under Ausbildung 

    • Sensitive minds should not attempt to work as expert construction labourers.
    • You should be unafraid of heights and waterproof. 
    • Physical training is required.
    • Muscle power is needed. 
    • You should possess strong technical expertise and a solid comprehension of mathematics and physics. 

    Ausbildung is a government-controlled programme. Hence Ausbildung construction participants don’t need to pay any tuition fees. Not to the institution that takes part in the teaching segment of the programme, nor to the participating employer. Instead, students enrolled through the program earn a monthly stipend.

    Those who have already done a diploma in Civil Engineering in India, but have not started work, can definitely apply for the program. Those with a prior experience can also apply.

    At the end of 3 years, you would have got a diploma in Construcution  from a German Institute, plus on the job training. If you are keen to pursue a career in Germany, you have a good chance of succeeding. 

    Plus, Construction under Ausbildung program looks good on your CV and you can easily find a job in any other country, including India.

    Pick Your course

    Sectors open for Vocational training in Germany


    If you are a Class XII passout, and aspire for a career in Hotel Management, then Ausbildung program is ideal for you.


    Any candidate with a pass percentage in 12th-grade can enrol for nursing under Ausbildung in Germany.


    Any candidate with a pass percentage in 12th-grade can enrol for Construction under Ausbildung in Germany.

    Our Process

    Roadmap to Germany

    Eligibility Check

    Initial Screening, Documentation verification and CV Creation

    Language Training

    Selected/Shortlisted candidates shall have to undergo German language and cultural training for 6 months


    German agency/partner to conduct the Interview and issue Job Contract.

    Documentation & Visa Process

    Post attaining Goethe B1/B2 level certification, candidates shall receive their full training contract and once signed, visa application process shall be initiated.

    B2 Level Language Training

    Candidates shall be undergoing B2 level language training under the guidance of training schools, or the institute approved by the German training school.

    Start Training in Germany

    Candidates shall be received by our German partner at German Airport and shall be assisted in initial settlement in Germany.



    Mandatory B1/B2 Level certification in German language and cultural training.


    Age limit
    18 to 25 years


    Educational qualification
    Minimum 10+2 or 10+Diploma with 55% Marks.

    Why Study Feeds is the best place to prepare for Vocational Education in Germany?

    Courses of Study Feeds are specially designed to International Ausbildung aspirants.

    German language along with systematic German training

    Cultural and social incorporation training

    Seminars by Industry Experts

    Supportive faculty members

    Personalized learning sessions

    Holistic learning experience

    Develops further learning and opportunities

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