Students aspiring to study architecture in Germany can have a promising career in planning, designing and building spaces for living. A student who has completed masters in architecture in Germany can also play a major role in urban planning and development while following environment safety standards with strong engineered principles for building places which are resistant to natural shocks and emergencies. This way architecture consist of an array of activities such as preparing an unparalleled design along with technically sound engineering for safety and economical on the aspects of resources which leads to profit generation for the businesses, something that makes a masters in architecture in Germany in English highly coveted.

Aspects such as safety standards, energy efficiency, redesigning and renovation of culturally important buildings are also an important and challenging part of the architecture courses in Germany. Urban planning and development consists of planning of regional projects which deals in residential, municipal, work which includes traffic and transport facilities, land use standards, ecological safety standards, waste management and to meet up to all these responsibilities architects have to consider the relation between social, political, economical and environmental aspects. Therefore a masters in architecture in Germany in English comes of great help.

The Architecture course in Germany comprises of two parts: 1. Bachelors Degree Program, extending up to 3 years. 2. Masters in Architecture is a 2-year-course, which is accompanied by 2 years of compulsory practical training. After the completion of the degree, a candidate needs to get oneself registered with the German government's existing list of architects, so that she/he can use the title 'Architect' and work in the same domain.

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