IBDP Program

Free education in Germany for IB Diploma holders

What is IBDP?

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a comprehensive curriculum, specially designed for students between 16-19 years of age. This rigorous two-year program caters to a wide range of courses aligning perfectly with the needs and requirements of the students. The IBDP offers courses that no other program does, making it one of a kind. The wide arena encompasses Creativity, Action & Services (CAS) program, the Extended Essay, and Theory of Knowledge as the prime courses. The skill-building and learning that the students receive by being a part of the IBDP is something that no other program offers. Designed to address and cater to the intellectual, social, physical and emotional well-being of the students, this program prepares students for life. Being challenging on an academic level, the IBDP helps nurture the think tanks of students, thus making them walk the path of success. The versatility and comprehensiveness of the program have helped it gain recognition to some of the leading universities across the globe. The diploma program prepares students to be leaders of tomorrow and make a difference in the rapidly evolving world. The IBDP ensures effective participation from the students and helps them grow in the global society as they:

  • Develop on physical, intellectual, ethical and emotional grounds
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding about integrated concepts, by being exposed to courses from six groups of study
  • Enhance their skill-set and develop a positive attitude towards to learn as they grow
  • Be familiar with two languages, to understand the versatility in cultures, including their own
  • Develop strong bonds across various traditional academic disciplines and explore the nature and power of knowledge unique theory of knowledge course that the program encompasses
  • Make use of the academic disciplines in the essay to undertake in-depth research on a topic of interest
  • Realize and enhance the personal as well as interpersonal development through CAS

Free education in Germany for IB Diploma holders

When you apply for higher education to Germany, it is essential to produce the IB diploma to the authorities. The students also need to attach a corresponding certificate that lists all the subjects and the grades attained in those. The certificate must be issued by the IB organization, as no other IB diploma is acceptable at the German universities. Any IB diploma issued by schools will not be considered as recognized. Also, the IBDP students can pursue their bachelors in Germany, without having to do a studienkolleg. The students can also pursue their bachelor’s studies with English as the language medium.

If you haven’t received your diploma by the time of application, you can present an official transcript of your grades issued by the IB organization. Students are advised to acquire their transcripts well in advance, as there is little time between the issue of transcripts and the application deadlines of the winter semester at German universities. Also, in order to meet all university requirements, you must submit all your semester reports/ term reports. The reports must clearly show the scale of all 6 subjects during the two-year program.

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