The study of social sciences in Germany and elsewhere observes and describes the reasons and implication of an individual’s social actions and interactions with the society, groups and social systems. Social sciences is a discipline which tries to define reasons behind certain behavior of an individual or masses through its theories and empirical evidences which approves or disapproves these actions and behaviors. Social sciences is considered as the Queen of sciences as it describes social action and interaction of individual and masses into a social system through scientific explanations and experiments based on empirical theories. Social sciences consist of an array of disciplines which explains differently their subjectivity into their studies to understand the various aspects of human actions and interaction through its methodology in its studies. These subjects are as follows: anthropology, psychology, history, sociology, political sciences, economics etc.

Studying social sciences in Germany provides a student a good opportunity to understand and analyze deeply the reasons and effects of industrial revolution in the west and how society has changed through the technological advances. Social sciences helps a student to understand the wide implication of advances of culture, technology and demography which a society goes through in the times of crisis or revolution, which was the case of Europe during 16th to 17th century, from French revolution to industrial revolution to world wars, Germany was a place of various social changes and by observing that how individual and western society adopted to these changes is a learning in itself.

Germany offers a wide opportunity for research and studies into the fields of social sciences, as Europe consist of diverse, complex, technologically developed social structure. Germany offers various scholarships and funds in the field of research and studies into the field of social sciences. Most of the courses of social sciences in Germany are financed by state or private foundations who promote scientific research in these disciplines to know the complexities and hurdles into the society and through these exhaustive studies they try to figure out solutions for these complexities. Some of the very well known research institutes in these fields are from Max Planck Society and the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Science Association. These associations promote exhaustive research in the field of social sciences through various research institutes affiliated by them. Like the Social Science and Research Centre Berlin is one of its kind in whole Europe which conducts various social research on various topics like adaption and mitigation trends of problems caused by development and possibility of sustainable innovation in modern societies.

German Research Foundation and the Central Research Funding Organization provide appropriate funding support for the research in social sciences and Federal Ministry of Education and Research is the key institution which makes policies for the extending financial support for the higher studies in social sciences in the country. Some of the private foundations also extend financial support for the research and higher studies into the fields of study in Social Sciences like Volkswagen-stiftung and Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung. These foundations use these studies in their CSR activities for understanding the issues and provide with alternative solutions for helping the society.

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