Study Jewish Language in Germany

Degree Programmes in Jewish Studies or Judaic Studies mainly involves teaching and research about the history of culture and Religion of Jewish People which as old as 3000 years. Jewish Studies or Judaic Studies ties-up with the traditional science of Judaism, which emerged as an independent discipline in the 19th Century. All these degree programmes are open to all applicants irrespective of their religious dominations but the associated training programmes for rabbis, cantors and religious educators are exception to this.

Bachelor’s programme in this domain differs institution to institution and the detailed information of these courses can found on the websites of the different well established universities or institutes in Germany.
Language training is optional in Aramaic (Aramaicum), Yidish (Yiddicum) and in Jewish Spanish (Judenspanisch). There are courses on the Bible and Jewish Interpretation of the Bible, rabbinical literature, halacha and litrucgy, Jewish Philosophy and intellectual history. Apart from these are also some courses on Hebrew Linguistics & Literature, history of the Jewish people, Yiddish Language and literature. Some colleges in addition also offer subjects like Jewish art.