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One thing that makes human different from any other species in this world is their ability to live in society and work for the development of the whole society and not just them self, something that makes masters in social work in Germany a great course to pursue. Our civilization has seen tremendous growth because of this nature of man. Social work is a kind of service, a discipline professionally and academically which works and seeks to improve quality of life, so if you study social work in Germany you can fruitfully contribute towards the same. It can be directed toward an individual, groups or families, and communities. It can be done through researching about the problem, making policies, organizing community so that they collectively work for improvement. It can also be done through direct practice, crisis intervention, and teaching for the benefit of those affected by social disadvantages such as poverty, mental and physical illness or disability, and social injustice, including violations of their civil liberties and human rights.

Research, conducted by specialists who have successfully completed masters in social work in Germany is generally focused in diagnosing the problems faced by individual or the group focusing on human development, psychotherapy and counseling. Those who study social work in Germany also help in provisions of supplies like medicines and food as well as economic and educational security.

There are a number of universities for studies medical, engineering or social sciences in Germany. Study Feeds provides you the gateway to studying engineering, social or medical courses in Germany.

Application Process

For studying in Germany

Eligibility Check

Verify if you meet the academic and language requirements for the chosen course and university.

APS Application

If required for your country, submit your documents to the Academic Evaluation Center for evaluation.

University Shortlisting

Research and select the German universities and courses that align with your interests and qualifications.

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Research and select the German universities and courses that align with your interests and qualifications.

Block Account Opening

After receiving admission confirmation, open a blocked bank account to prove sufficient funds for living expenses.

Visa Application

Apply for a student visa at the German embassy or consulate in your home country.

University Enrolment

Upon arrival in Germany, complete the enrolment process at your chosen university to officially begin your studies.

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Every study program, whether it is Masters in Germany or any other course, has its own study conditions and curriculum. With the help of these two, it is easier to get along with all the different courses. The study conditions throw light upon the various subjects and lectures that are offered and the weightage of marks and credits each of them carries. It also highlights the lectures which need to be absolved. The curriculum shows the name of the subject along with the term in which it would be studied. A student can make his/her own timetable by seeking help from a senior student or the student advisor at the university.



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