Study Theology in Germany

Because there are humans there will be religion. One of the oldest known thought that man has processed, understood and followed is of GOD, giving rise to religion. Religion has been one thread that has woven various beads to make a beautiful lace. Study theology in Germany to understand the rational and systematic concept of GOD and nature of religions and religious truth. Study of theology is as old as the history can take us. Cathedral schools of Western Europe during the High Middle Ages, monasteries of various religions like Buddhism and Jainism have all been a center for learning about GOD and religion, in other words theology. But this is from pages of history, since the early nineteenth century theology has evolved as a subject. With time various different approaches have emerged in the West to theology as an academic interest and those who study theology in Germany are introduced to all these. There have always been debates about the approach of theology. The question that are been raised is whether the methods are appropriately theoretical and (broadly speaking) scientific or if it requires pre-commitment of faith by researcher.

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