M.Sc. in Cyber Security

The next big opportunity.

Start of Studies

April, October

Duration of Studies

1 Year, 2 Semesters

M.Sc. Cyber Security

    Dual Degree

    It offers Dual Degree from a German as well as a UK University since it's a Cooperation program of 2 leading Universities

    Job Search Visa

    Post-study Job Search Visa for 1.5 yrs (18 Months).


    Requirements - Bachelor's degree or professional experience in the relevant field and IELTS 6.0 Bands.

    M.Sc. in Cyber Security

    M.Sc. in Cyber Security from a leading German University.

    Study Feeds brings to you another unique opportunity; M.Sc. in Cyber Security from a leading German university.

    This One Year Course is designed to transform your career. Cyber Security has emerged as one of the most in demand profession. Expand your knowledge in the field of cyber security and become a  sought after expert. Pursue this program from a leading German University and kick start your career. 

    What you can expect?

    Our Post Graduate program in  cyber security covers all  aspects of cybersecurity and focuses on the economic context. This program is designed for those who wish to pursue a related profession and want to take a technical or managerial leadership role in the field of cyber security. As stricter data protection regulations are implemented and risks in the cyber environment increase, the need for information security managers in businesses is sure to grow. This course provides you with the best preparation for becoming a successful cyber security specialist.

    In the classic full-time study program, you can devote all your focus to your studies. In 12 months, you will explore the most influential trends and developments in the cyber security domain with the help of distinguished lecturers. 

    Through all this, you would have full support of Study Feeds team guiding you at every step.

    The advantage of this course from a leading German University

    International degree

    Study in English

    High practical relevance

    Excellent facilities

    Individual support

    Small study groups

    M.Sc. in Cyber Security

    Course contents Module overview

    Compulsory Modules

    • Dissertation
    • Information Security Management
    • Network Security
    • Research Methods for Computing
    • Human Factors in Cyber Security
    • Cyber Security Principles


    Elective Modules

    • Secure System Architecture
    • Advanced Malware Analysis
    • Adversarial Behaviour
    • Artifiial Intelligence Network Security Administartion

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