Benefits of learning the German language- a statistical review

Did you know that about a hundred million people in the world speak German? Yes! If we talk about world statistics, German is the most widely spoken language in the European Union, and has its roots from the West Germanic Family, to which English also belongs. Germany boasts of a literacy rate of 99%, where the main language spoken there is Deutsch, the other name for German.

The official language of seven countries- Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Austria, and Italy, German is a pluricentric language, with each country having its own unique version of speaking it.

When we come down to the Indian aspect of learning German, the language is quite popular. India is a country that represents diversity in the form of not only cultures, but also languages. Apart from Hindi and English, the constitution of India boasts of 21 recognized languages.

The popularity of the German language in the multilingual nation has grown tremendously, because of its wide scope and cognitive benefits.

The Goethe Institut is a huge platform in India that has led to thousands of people join the German language course to study and work abroad. It is a non-profit organization that has been established with the aim to promote the importance of German and also conducts examinations yearly for German language applicants.

Here are some of the benefits that Indians derive out of learning the German language:

Better career prospects

If you take up a German language course in Delhi, you are being exposed to a lot of career opportunities coming your way. Not only is the language a huge factor for you to get enrolled in a German university fee of cost, but also get an edge over others, making you a potential candidate.

Enhanced earning potential

The knowledge of a foreign language is a key ingredient that you require for your resume to be noticed. Multinational companies, embassies and many government institutions look for people who are bilingual. And what better than learning the German language that shares about 60% of its vocabulary with its sister language- English! This is one of the solid reasons to learn German.

Easier to obtain higher education

There are universities in Germany that operate with the motive that education is the basic right of every individual and hence should be provided free of costs. So if you obtain proficiency in the German language, you get a chance to enjoy the extra grants and the financial aid, in addition to the free education that you would avail during those years of higher education.

A peek into the German culture

Every language has a history, a culture and its people attached to it, making it one of a kind. As you begin learning the German language, you will get meaningful insights about the history and the cultural heritage of Germany, the country to which the language belongs. The language of any country defines its people, and by learning the German language, you develop a perspective on the same.


Believe it or not, learning the German language is important for Indians. The German language has a lot to offer if you opt for a course in the same. So what are you waiting for? Learn to speak German and avail its benefits!

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