Upcoming Events

Sep 26th, 2024

A reading session by the renowned author Mr. Folke Tegetthof

Past events

An informative and interactive session at Holy Family Hospital, Okhla

Austria Day: Exploring Austria with the Austrian Cultural Forum Head, Austrian Embassy

German Political Scenario and Life in Germany by Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

Die Bibliothek (library)

Study Feeds organised a session by a reputed German political foundation “Konrad Adenauer Stiftung”

Literatur Fest

Unveiling Pathways: Study Feeds Seminar Explores Varied Academic Terrain in Germany

Study Feeds at Marian Fiesta: Navigating Education & Style for Success

Study Feeds at Galgotias: Driving Transportation Excellence Seminar

Radiant Unity: Study Feeds’ Diwali Celebration Embraces Diversity

Pathways Abroad: Study Feeds’ Career Counseling on German Education at DMA School Rampur

Navigating the German Education Landscape: Study Feeds Workshop

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