Harmonious Hues of Unity: Studyfeeds Team and Students Celebrate German Unity Day in Style

October 3 is the biggest day for German people; it is the day of unity, the day when the division between East and West Germany came down and the country was reunited. For this special occasion, the faculty and students of Study Feeds put up an entertaining and informative show on October 3. This show was much appreciated by all our guests which included eminent Germans residing in Delhi. It was a celebration of German unity in the heart of Delhi, at Study Feeds campus in Connaught Place.

Discover the vibrant tapestry of unity as Studyfeeds team and students came together to celebrate German Unity Day. Relive the joyous moments, cultural festivities, and the spirit of togetherness that made this event a resounding success. Dive into our blog to experience the essence of this memorable celebration.