The Best Podcasts to Take your German Learning to the Next Level

German Learning to the Next Level

Are you a budding learner who wants to have a better knowledge of learning German? Well, learning German is an amazing experience, as you not only get to discover new facts about the German language but also develop an accent of the same to let open the doors for various educational and career opportunities.

The best way to accelerate your learning of the German language is through podcasts. A digital series of audio and video files, the podcasts are a great way to learn the correct pronunciation of German words and boost language learning to a huge extent.

What are the benefits of learning German with podcasts?

If you wish to converse in German with the right answers, podcasts are the way to do it. Here are some of the advantages that you enjoy if you choose podcasts as your language learning tool:

  • Podcasts are free of cost. Portals on the internet offer podcasts that are easily accessible to the users, thereby making language learning an easy task. You can even subscribe to the portals to access free content.
  • With the podcasts, you learn a lot more than the German language itself. You get to know interesting facts about the German language and are also enlightened about the country to which the language belongs.
  • The podcasts are one of the easiest ways to practice your German vocabulary. You not only learn new words but also know how to apply them to a particular context.
  • Podcasts can be listened to while you’re commuting, cooking, or working out at the gym. They are travel-friendly and are great for utilizing your time.

The internet is a sea of information, and that’s when you need to select the right path to gain knowledge. When it comes to podcasts, there are certain portals that provide great quality content that is friendly to the listeners. To save you the hassle of finding the best portals, we have a list of the five most engaging podcasts that are sure to up your spirits and your language learning with their quality content. Look below to make a choice:


Ideal for beginners and intermediate learners, Slow German is the kind of podcast that will help you with the basics of the German language. Considering the fact the German pronunciation is important to study, this podcast helps you keep up with German words without having to struggle for the same. For beginners, the podcasts are in English, with a slow introduction of German words. For the intermediate learners, the lessons are in German, but at a slow pace, so that the user understands every bit of what is being said.


Once you’ve signed up, this podcast is there to help you out on the basic and intermediate German speaking skills, hence taking your German language learning to a whole new level. With common topics being the center of learning, LingQ is an effective way to learn German in real-time.


This podcast is different in the sense that it helps people learn German through detective stories. Filled with humor, information, and instructions, the podcasts help people learn German by breaking down the German conversations in an effective manner.


This podcast is for the budding learners who want to learn German in an applicable sense. The authors who conduct these 30-minute lessons teach beginners the very basics of the language and help them to converse in German with enacted scenes. Topics like how to order food in German, checking into a hotel etc are taken up, with lots of vocabulary in between.


The GermanPod 101 is a fun way to learn German for all, whether you are a beginner, or pursuing to learn advanced level German. The podcast contains interesting audio and video lessons, with catchy titles. These lessons not only help you learn German but also give you a cultural insight to the place the language belongs to.


Learning the German language is a win-win if you have the right sources to help you with. A regular practice with these podcasts by your side will definitely prove to be useful in all walks of life. With life-changing reasons to learn German, there is not a chance that you’re going to miss this chance of exploring a whole new level of learning the language. So make sure that you are equipped with the right sources to explore what the language has to offer.

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