Life changing reasons to learn German

No other language in the world is as intriguing as the German language, with 95 million speakers dominating the world’s linguistic arena. Germany is a culturally diverse country, and so is the German language. German is considered to be a pluricentric language, which has different versions as you move across countries. For example, the people in Switzerland speak Swiss German and those in Austria speak Austrian German. In addition to the facts associated with the German language, we are here to provide you with the best reasons to learn German that will change your life for good. Have a look:

German and English are sisters!


Yes! Both German and English are members of the West Germanic family with similar vocabulary. The two languages share 26% of their vocabulary, making them similar. That means if you have a proficiency in English, learning German and achieving a proficiency in the same won’t be difficult. So what are you waiting for? Take up a German Language Course in Delhi and get going!

Learn German and make money!


Do you experience a stagnant growth and wish to enhance your profile? Learning the German language is a great addition to your resume that will open doors for a lot of opportunities and will help you grow and excel. There are a lot of benefits of learning German in India. Companies in aviation, hospitality and tourism sectors require people who can speak the German language fluently. So that means you have a lot of job opportunities that you can take hold of, and do some value addition.

Did someone say free education?


Yes! Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world, offering higher education free of cost. Open to both domestic and international students, German universities provide quality education and don’t charge a single dollar! So to be able to get admission in a German university, you must take German Language Classes in Delhi to learn the German language.

A whole new surfing experience


Those who are constantly exploring the internet for every new bit of information can break the language wall and be exposed to a new platform, making it one of the best reasons to learn German. About six percent of the total pages on the internet are written in German. Do you wish to explore the world of Germans? Learn the German language!

German is in science


If you are a science fanatic, or a researcher, you must know that German is the second most used language used in the scientific field. So if you wish to make a difference in the world of science, get a firm grip of the German language.

German is your travel partner


People who speak German are scattered all across the world, and reflect unity in diversity. So if you are on a trip to Europe for example, and if you know even the basic German, you will be able to move around easily, without facing any language difficulty. You can use a lot of German conversation phrases while on your trip to Germany.

In a nutshell

With so many benefits of learning German in India, we don’t think you need another reason to e convinced. So learn the German language and get ready for the surprises and the exposure that the language unfolds.

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