Customs that only Germans Understand

Customs that only Germans Understand

It is true that a country’s culture and customs are what make it one of a kind. The historical significance that it holds, the legislature that it encompasses, and the culture that it upholds; every country has a unique combination of these. Germany is one of those countries that have been popular due to its uncanny customs that only the people of Germany understand and follow. If you are enrolled in a German language course in Delhi, you will know what they are. If not, then keep reading for some exciting customs!

  1. The classy “lost-and-found” custom

Germans are really serious when it comes to helping each other. If you visit Germany, you will often find stuff hanged on tree branches, which was lost by someone some time back. If a German has lost his glove in a park or somewhere on the street, then anyone who finds it will hang it on a nearby tree so that the person who comes looking for it can find it without having to shed a drop of sweat! Isn’t that cool?!

  1. The“uncanny nudity” custom

Yes, Germans are comfortable in their own skin. Quite literally. Whether it is the TV commercials or people hanging out after the gym sessions; the Germans don’t feel nudity to be awkward at all. Also, there is a national park in Germany where the people of Germany celebrate the beginning of summer every year through a dance called knackarschwiese, which is a naked dance that they perform for an hour!

  1. The “under-age drinking” custom

If you spot youngsters carrying beer cans with them, then don’t be surprised, as the legal age for drinking in Germany is 16 years, wherein the youngsters can consume certain categories of alcohol. Any type of hard-liquor is still a no-no for them. They can consume drinks such as beer and wine, without having an adult to watch over.

  1. The “leisure-is-pleasure” custom

The Germans take their leisureliness very seriously. If you have visited Germany, you must have observed that everything is shut on weekends. The reason behind the same is to step aside from the busy lives and take out quality time for friends and family. This custom is vigorously promoted in Germany and is something that every other nation should also encourage.

  1. The “word-for-everything” custom

Yes, Germans have a “thing” for words. No matter the situation, no matter how complex the idea is, there will be a word for it as per the German language. As you take up German language classes in Delhi, you will understand that the German vocabulary consists of compound words that can be joined together to make one complex word that perfectly describes the situation. Fascinated? Well, that is the magic of the German language!


So, these were just a few of the many things the Germans enjoy doing, and if you are visiting Germany this year, be prepared to witness some of these unique customs!

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