Top 5 Most Luxurious Cities in Germany

Top 5 Most Luxurious Cities in Germany - Study Feeds

It is our tendency that if we are staying in a foreign country then the cost of living becomes the biggest headache. Well, this tendency may get proved to be true in almost all the countries but Germany varies from everything. People coming out from an abroad country probably think that Berlin (the capital of Germany)  would be the most expensive city which is nowhere true. Those who come up with the motive to study in Germany can look up for these places. The best way to get guidance to Study or living in Germany is by contacting the free German Education Consultant.

Today, we come up with the list of most expensive cities where you may wish to live in.

Munich:- The capital state of Bavaria is highly known for the Okoberfest which is considered to be the biggest bear festival where people gather in  large number to make that day very special . Living at Munich does not cost you much as the average monthly rent amount for one square meter is around 15 Euro ( 1200 Rupees).  Paying 15 Euro to live at Munich seems worth as one can enjoy a high standard living.

Frankfurt:- Frankfurt, also known as the business and tourist hub offers high class living and plethora of sightseeing options for the visitors coming from different parts of the world. The reason to call it a business hub is the European Central Bank office which makes Frankfurt a business hub. One can rent a one square meter room at 13.5 Euro per month which is around 1000 in Indian Rupees.

Mainz:- Mainz is widely popular amongst the students who are coming from abroad countries to aspire higher education at a budget friendly price. Yes, the Johannes Gutenberg University has thousands of students who are pursuing their study from the college. It is one of the ten largest universities in Germany. Students who are living at Mainz are paying a monthly sum of around 11.5 Euro (920 Rupees).

Ingolstadt:- Ingolstadt is the headquarters of the German Automobile manufacturer Audi and have been widely known as a place where the monster in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein is being written. Talking about the monthly rent cost, an average amount one needs to pay for renting for one square meter room is 11.8 Euro (944 Rupees).

Stuttgart:-The sixth biggest city of Germany, Stuttgart, is close to the Frankfurt and enjoy a great lifestyle. Several major automobile companies such as Porsche or Mercedes Benz have their headquarters here. If you are an amateurish of cars and automobiles then this place perfectly fits with your interest as several major automobile companies such as Porsche or Mercedes Benz have their headquarters.

If you are an aspiring student and looking to study in Germany then you can get in touch with the free German Education Consultant. For better guidance and in depth knowledge about the German education, no one can be better than a free German Education Consultant who is genuinely concerned about your welfare.

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