How Much Time does it Take to Learn German Levels?

Learn German Levels

If you are planning on learning the German language, then, you must know that it would take quite a long time. No matter from which German language institutes in Delhi you seek help, nobody can learn a new language within a fortnight or a month. It takes months of determination and hard work to read, write and speak the basic amount of a foreign language.

However, if you want to know the actual time it takes to learn the German language, then you must be clear of the fact that the learning process strictly depend on your interest and will power. If you are really motivated to learn German, you will learn it within 30 weeks. But, if you slow down your learning pace, you might learn the language in more than 35 weeks or so.

German Language Levels

There are numerous language levels for learning German which take its own specific time to complete.

  • A1 (Beginner)–4 weeks
  • A2 (Elementary)–8 weeks
  • B1 (Intermediate)–8 weeks
  • B2 (Upper Intermediate)–8 weeks
  • C1 (Advanced)–8 weeks
  • C2 (Proficiency) – Individual session

So, these were the basic levels of learning the German language according to Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). Now, there are some factors which can affect your German language learning duration.

Some of the most common of these factors are–

  • Former language learning experience

If you are already a bilingual, it would be quite easy for you to learn a third language. Being a bilingual allows you to be more accustomed to learning a different language. However, if you are monolingual, you have to be more enthusiastic to learn a new language show more dedication towards the same.

  • Language learning method

The method you apply to learn the German language also plays a key role in deciding whether you will be able to complete your German language learning course within the estimated time period or not. For instance, if you are limited to the classroom learning, then it is possible that you will take longer time to learn the language. However, if you are keen on learning German outside classroom through German books, movies, songs, etc. it is highly likely that you will learn German quicker than you expected.

  • Time commitment

The amount of time you commit to your learning schedule also affects your total time of getting over with the German language learning course. If you learn German on a daily basis, you are likely to get a hold of German language faster than those who learn the language once or twice a week.

  • Dedication and Motivation

If you are truly dedicated to learn the German language within a pre-determined period of time, you will certainly succeed on the same. You positive attitude towards learning German will help you a lot in learning the language in a rapid pace. Having a negative attitude will eventually end up dragging the learning period to endless amount of time.


So, the takeaway here is that the approximate time taken to learn the German language lessons simply depends on your attitude and willpower. However, if you contact a German language course in CP, you will be able to learn German in more accurate and fun manner.

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