Why Learn German? 10 Good Reasons to Learn German

Learn German Language

As the number of population opting for the German language as their secondary or tertiary language course, it intrigues the other people to think why German is so popular among the masses. Such people even enroll themselves in the German language Institute in Delhi which shows their curiosity and seriousness of learning the said language.

Well! To know the top reasons why everyone is choosing German these days, pay attention to the following points –

  1. Reputation of German language

The number of German speakers is the largest all over Europe and also ranks in the top 10 languages in the world. It has also some similarity with the English language as they both come from the same Germanic roots. If we talk about other recognitions, it is noteworthy that many well-known discoverers and intellectuals have their roots in Germany.

  1. German economy

Many of you already know the fact that Germany boasts of various world-class and globally-recognized companies. Germany is the heart of the European economy which gives you the opportunity to take up a good job in the country and make countless money.

  1. Easily sociable

If you plan to settle or study in Germany, it would be best to learn the German language as it will help you a lot to socialize with the locals of Germany with much ease and you will not feel like a stranger living in a strange country.

  1. Education structure

The education system of Germany is of the high-end level and also world-famous. They make sure to provide the best of the education to the students without any kind of biasness. That is why, all the Public Universities in Germany provide tuition-free education to national as well as international students.

  1. Biggest travellers

German people are very active in wandering from one place to another as they are well-paid and like to spend excessively on themselves. Having six weeks of holidays in a year gives them more than enough time to roam around the world without the stress of money or time. The Germans are one of the top people who spend excessively on travelling to different places every now and then.

  1. Rich culture

Germany is filled with various magnificent art and culture. Many prolific writers have the origin of Germany and they have garnered many accolades internationally for their terrific work. Apart from that, the German film industry has risen to greater popularity as many remarkable filmmakers hail from Germany.

  1. Land of great scholars and innovators

Many Nobel Prize winners had German as their native language and they won Nobel Prize in not just one but multiple categories such as twenty-five prizes in Medicine, twenty-two in Physics, thirty in Chemistry, and so on. Other than the prestigious Nobel Prize winners, there have been other renowned scholars as well who have pursued their education from the German Universities.

  1. Internet dominance

After the world-famous ‘.com’, it is the German internet domain ‘.de’ which rules the internet This means there are a whole lot of German-speaking people using the German Internet which gives the opportunity to browse through the countless number of things in German which are not yet explored.

  1. Language of science

It is true that the German language officially became the language of science during the early periods of 20thCentury because of the maximum number of scientists hailing from the country or other countries having the German as their native language. However, after World War 1, the English language was considered as the official language of science.

  1. Easy-to-learn

Having the familiarity with the English language, it becomes quite easy for English speakers to learn the German language. Also, there are only a few additional letters to add to the alphabets and then, you are good to go.


So, if you too want to be a fluent German speaker, make sure to take classes of the topmost German language courses in Delhi and experience the best of both worlds. 

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