Agricultural sciences consists of an array of disciplines which tries to explain different subjects as economics and social sciences because it has a deep impact on the overall aspects of life of an individual like providing food security to increasing population and providing raw materials for various activities like with the help of byproducts which provide fodder to feed animals and bio fuels for energy security. Those who study agriculture in Germany are also introduced to sustainable production of agricultural products, which is very important to provide food security to feed increasing population, as the largest available and crucial resource for the human kind it drives world economy with huge effect as with increase or deficiency of agricultural produce there is an inflationary pressure on the other commodities also with makes living cost higher for the countries who import most of the agricultural products from other countries due to their low productive limitations of environment and soil on the higher altitudes of the earth.

Agricultural economics observes the sustainable production, use, processing, regulation, research and marketing for the optimum utilization of crucial resources of agriculture. Bio- fuels, a popular topic in agriculture courses in Germany, are increasingly researched and developed by developed nations as the crude oil has its limitations of availability and it is expensive to refine it for further usage in different sectors. Crude oil also contributes in environment degradation as it releases harmful gases by burning it for energy which pollutes air. Thus there is a great scope in research and development of bio based fuels, it is also promoted by various countries to provide fuel security for rising demand of energy.

Hohenheim is the one of its kind university In Germany which offers opportunities to study agriculture in Germany in English medium, which is very much sought after among international students. As after the RIO Earth Summit on the agenda of sustainable environment member nations to which Germany was also a member, have pledged to make serious efforts to make policies to reduce environmental degradation through industrial activities and to research and develop bio based fuels to safeguard the nature. There is ample opportunity for a student to make his future professional life big by opting for agriculture courses in Germany as it focuses mainly on the sustainable use of earth resources and by innovating new renewable resources of energy for energy security of the masses while using scientific methods for maintaining the health of earth’s resources like green farming.

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