7 Commonly-Used German Slang Words and Phrases

German Slang Words and Phrases

Are you preparing for your higher education in Germany by attending a German language course in Delhi? Well! Why don’t you keep your books aside for a moment and indulge yourself in some entertaining stuff all related to Germany?

As you are aware that every language has its own unique slangs or phrases, it is obvious that if you travel to Germany to pursue your further studies, you will get to hear many German slangs and phrases.

If you are going to live in Germany for few years, you must have the knowledge of some of the most common German phrases and slangs so that while communicating with the German locals, you don’t feel left alone and can actively participate in their war of slang words.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the below-mentioned most common German phrases or slang words you must know about.

  1. Prost!

“Prost” is actually German for the word ‘Cheers’ in English. If you have a soft corner for drinks or even drink occasionally, you must know to say Prost while clicking the glasses in Germany especially with German people.

  1. Na?

In Germany, if you ant to be quite informal while greeting others, you can make use of the word “Na” which means ‘Hello’ and it also refers to the phrase ‘Yo, how’s it going?’

  1. Super!

It means the same as it means in English. For instance, ‘Do you want to come to the party? – Super’, ‘we are going to meet tomorrow – Super’, etc. However, this word “Super” sounds same as ‘Suppe’ but has a very different meaning. So, better not get confused with these two words.Also, the pronunciation of the letter ‘S’ in ‘Super’ is similar to ‘Z’ in the English language.

  1. Naja

“Naja” refers to the word ‘well’ in English. The way one uses ‘well’ while communicating, in the same way, Naja is used when you speak in the German language.

  1. Alda/Alta/Alter

These words are the German form of saying ‘dude’. Although “Alda and Alta” are means the same as ‘dude’ in English but when you want to use the word “Alter”, make certain that you say it only to your friends as the words translates to ‘old one’. Saying ‘old one’ to someone who is not your close friend can possibly get a cold response. Hence, better use “Alter” with care.

  1. Fett

Although, the real meaning of “Fett” in German is ‘fat’, however you can also use the word while referring to something which you find ‘cool’, just like you say it in English.

  1. Zwielichtig

The real meaning of the word “Zwielichtig” is ‘twilight’. However, the same word can also be used when you try to refer someone or something as ‘dodgy’ or ‘shady’ in German.


So, now that you know what the common German phrases or slang words are, remember them and use the same while conversing with the Germans. Now, you can proceed with your German related-education that you are receiving from the best German language institute in Delhi.

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