What is the Studienkolleg Course?

What is the Studienkolleg Course? - Study Feeds

Germany is a country that is enlightened, autonomous and has a boisterous days of old. This country is tagged a land of ideas and has an education system that is prominently different from rest of the countries and it produces high performing students all the time.

This is the reason why the academic qualifications of Germany are set in stone. The entrance exams are a little tough because the German Universities want to make sure that the best of talents from across the world is getting collected by the proud education system of Germany.

If you have just completed your schooling and want to pursue Bachelor’s from a reputed German University then be ready to take up the Studienkolleg course. This course plays a crucial role when your school passing course degree does not match up with the academic expectations of the higher educational institutions in Germany.

Studienkolleg in Germany lasts for one year and it focuses to bridge the gap of one year that lies in between the 12 years of education in other countries and 13 years of education in Germany.

If there is any course that can prepare you to take up your desired course in a great German university then it is the Studienkolleg course. The duration of this course is of one year and that is equivalent to two semesters.

This course is divided into four subjects each with various combinations of subjects from which a student can choose in order to have a smoother flow for the future studies. The options are the following:

  • —- W-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Economics, Business and Sociology
  • —- G-Kurs: German, History, German Literature, Sociology and Statistics
  • —- T-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Informatics
  • —- M-Kurs: German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology

German being constant in all the given options shows that the primary aim of Studienkolleg in Germany is to make the student fluent with the German language so that the student can learn it well, before taking up the desired course for the university studies.

Once you are aware of this language, several more career paths will open up for you because this language has a great demand all over the globe as all the German brands lead the global market. Along with this if you wish to study Studienkolleg in Germany and not in your home country (which is another option) then it will be beneficial for you as you will be able to blend with the culture of the country much faster.

For further information on the same you can always contact a great German Education Consultant. Good luck.

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