What are the Best Courses for a Master’s Degree in Germany?

masters degree in Germany

In the past few years, Germany has gradually become one of the most preferred destinations to study abroad education. Many students from around the world seek education from the highly-recognized German Universities in order to acquire first-class learning.

Some students even take help of the best German language institute in their respective region so that they could prepare themselves according to the education system of Germany in advance.

However, if you wish to study in Germany and want to know which courses are the best in which you can pursue your Master’s Degree, then take a look at the below point.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

In Germany, mechanical engineering is one of the largest industries and is also regarded as the strength of the German economy. The mechanical engineering industry in Germany is also known to be the third largest manufacturer of plants and machinery in the whole world following the USA and China respectively. On an annual basis, the German mechanical engineering industry produces more than 1 million skilled employees. Along with all this, Germany also stands at the top for providing first-rate education in Mechanical Engineering. There are many Mechanical Engineering Universities that rank higher in the list of World’s Best Mechanical Engineering Universities.

  1. Computer Science

Gradually, the significance of Computer Science is growing among the students seeking admission in the German Universities. Students who wish to study Master’s in Computer Science tend to study various subjects like Communication Technology, NanoTechnology and advanced mathematical skills that are applicable in high-performance computers. Pursuing Computer Science in the German Universities allows the students to get an insight into the advanced laboratories and computer stations.

  1. Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering is the largest industry in Germany encompassing more than 700,000 employees. As Germany invests approximately one-third of its Research and Development funds in the automotive industry, it becomes one of the best destinations to study automotive engineering. Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Automotive Engineering from a German University will provide you with great opportunities in designing automobiles and many more.

  1. Electrical Engineering

The electronics industry is also one of the largest industries in Germany owing to its revenue which is more than 170 billion. Although the companies in the electrical engineering industry are medium-sized in Germany, yet the electrical engineers have wide-ranging job opportunities to choose from. Germany has around 2 lakh employees in the field of electrical engineering. Electrical Engineering also includes various other fields such as digital engineering, power engineering and a lot more.

  1. Chemical Engineering

Germany is the fourth largest chemical market in the world which is why it provides immense opportunities for the students to study chemical engineering in the German Universities. Starting with Research and Development, students can go on to manage prominent positions in different fields of chemical engineering.


Hence, the above courses are among the best courses to study while pursuing a Master’s Degree from a German University. While you finalize on a particular course, make sure to take help from the top German language course in your area so that you are ready for your German life beforehand.

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