Want to Learn German? 5 Things to Stop Wasting Time On

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German, the language of business, beer and all of those long, curiously combined words, requires a lot of motivation and dedication to grasp the fluency. Do you have hopes and dream to learn the German language but you don’t know where to start or you have already taken the miserable path? The newbie has no idea about their move in the language learning process. What if you will get to know that you are wasting your time on useless approach? Read on to find out those 5 things you should stop wasting time on:

  1. Studying too much

While studying helps you to develop to the wider vocabulary but you should not spend the whole time on it. Your conversational approach will make the difference and the knowledge cannot be gained by the books alone: you need to get out and practice. So, instead of spending two hours daily, make one hour schedule for that along with mirror practice. Find a friend from Germany and try to connect with them. Working one-on-one with a German tutor is another great idea as they encourage to dedicate your time for practice. Because practice makes the man perfect!

  1. Reading alone

Studying German can be very useful when it comes to grasping grammar and new phrases as you can able to learn the language at your own place, emphasis on those difficult areas which you want to improve. However, volunteer with the German-speaking community around you can make your language learning process way easier. So, do not hesitate in taking help from the Best German Language Institute in Delhi to obtain the desired fluency.

  1. Wasting time on Children’s TV shows

It is no new fact that children’s TV shows deals with the very basic vocabulary used in very simple language. However, it can be helpful in the very initial stage but these shows do not provide you much help when you want to attain the difficult German words.

  1. Learning worthless vocabulary

While making your German accent fluent, stop trying to focus on any complicated words which are of no use. Instead, focus on those words which might be helpful on a regular basis. Start from the basic words, it not only makes your beginning stage of learning much easier but also enhance your roots. Consider learning some idioms which are used in general conversation.

  1. Speaking with non-native speakers

This one might be little challenging but whenever possible, avoid speaking to non-native speakers. It would be great if you connect with the German speakers as nobody can teach you better than those who grew up speaking the language. Most importantly, don’t be ashamed to make mistakes rather be open and learn from the errors.


German, without any doubt, is a wonderful language with plenty of benefits. With the aforementioned advice, go forth and start working hard and soon, you will see the results in your conversational German abilities. For more help, you can take help from the Top German Language Institute in Delhi.

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