Topmost Reasons Why Learning German is the best Decision

Topmost Reasons why Learning German is the Best Decision

There are a plethora of reasons for learning the German language. Some people want to communicate with their German relatives in German and then there are some who learn it just for fun.

However, there are also some major and most useful reasons why you must learn the German language with the help of the best German language institute in Delhi. Check out the below points and decide for yourself whether it is best for you to learn German or not.

  1. Second-most spoken language in Europe

Germany is the most populated nation in the European Union encompassing 80 million people. On top of that, the German language is also the second-most spoken language in entire Europe. Interestingly, German is not just the official language of Germany, but it is also the official language of Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Belgium. All in all, being familiar with the German language allows you to connect with around 120 million native German speakers.

  1. World’s 4th largest economy

Germany is known for its luxurious persona and to tell you the truth, it is quite obvious for Germany to have such a Davis identity because it literally has the 4th largest economy in the world. Germany is one of the most significant export nations globally. From automobiles and industrial equipment to pharmaceuticals to household products, Germany is known for providing top-class goods from every domain. For instance, some of the world-famous German brands are Audi, Bosch, Adidas, BMW, Volkswagen, etc.

  1. Good job opportunities

Being well-versed with the German language allows you to impress the big organizations with your mere familiarization with German. Even if your competitors have the same qualifications as you, you will be the one to get an upper hand because of your German language knowledge. And this specific advantage is not just restricted to Germany but all over the world.

  1. The similarity between German and English

You might not have ever thought about it, but it is cent per cent true that the German and English languages have the same Germanic roots. Yes! There are even so many German words that look similar to the English words and mean the same as well. For instance, water is ‘Wasser’, the house is ‘haus’, the finger is ‘finger’ and hand is ‘hand’ in German.

  1. Understand German’s rich cultural heritage

It is absolutely true that Germany is often regarded as the land of poets and thinkers. Some of the most famous writers, scientists, etc., hailed from Germany like Goethe, Albert Einstein, to name just a few. At present, 18% of books in the world are published in the German language. Also, out of 8 million Internet domains, Germany’s top domain “.de” is the second largest domain in the world after “.com”.


So, the above-stated points are the most common and useful reasons why you must learn the German language. Now, if you have gained the required impetus to learn German, without further ado, enrol yourself in the most professional German language course in Delhi and make your German language experience worthwhile.

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