Top 4 German Grammar Rules, Tips, and Tricks

Top 4 German Grammar Rules, Tips and Tricks

What are the most common problems you have come across while learning any new language? Majority of the people usually see grammar as the most tedious part of the language learning process.

They say, mastering the grammar part can make you a perfect learner and learning German is no different. If you have just started learning the German language, it is important to pay your mind to grammar part as grasping the German language with grasping the grammar part can make you the skilled learner. Although, there are certain tricks and rules related to German language and thus, students try to grasp it from the Top German Language Institute to learn wholly. Now, we will walk you through some pointers which will help you to acquire the language completely, let’s get started:

  1. Use of Article depends on the noun’s gender

Genders are the most difficult part of grasping the language. It is also a mere fact that gender rule keeps the most relevance to the grammar of the German language. This is also the main difference between English and German as in German, there are three types of gender masculine, feminine or neutral. Definite and indefinite articles depend on their case. Depending on the sentence case and noun’s gender, you need to change their definite or indefinite article. See the below example:

The dog is brown- Der Hund ist Braun, here Hund is a masculine noun and the subject of this sentence, it has to be ‘der’. For the learner, there are two key things which need requires fair attention, take a look at:

  • You need to treat the gender as part of the word as you need to say the word ‘car’, learn it ‘das Auto’ rather than just ‘Auto’.
  • One must study gender rules, there are numerous and picky, just pick out one rule as you will eliminate the chances of learning the other rules.
  1. Rule of Verb-at-the-end

If you want to focus on one German rule, you need to pick this one, as it is often the most difficult part for students to remember. In all types of sentence, all the verbs other the main verb places at the end of the sentence. For example:

I want to eat the ice cream, this is how sentence frames in English language and the German language, the same sentence can be written as, Ich möchte Eis essen.

  1. You can be formal or informal

In German, there are two different forms of German. When talking to relative, friend or child, you need to use the informal ‘du’ form and when you are speaking to a colleague or someone you don’t know, you will use ‘Sie; the formal form of you. For instance, you need to say, ‘I love you’, in German you will say, Ich liebe dich, here ‘dich’ is the informal accusative form of ‘du’.

In Conclusion

German language will never give you a headache if you keep your concept clear and sharp, especially in grammar. Aforesaid are some vital grammar rule of grammar which you need to grasp if you want to acquire the German language wholly. In case you need any professional help, get in touch with the best institute with the best German Language Courses.

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