Things only those who Lived in Germany Understand!

Things only those who lived in Germany understand!

Are you planning to enroll yourself in the best German language course in Delhi so that your educational days in Germany can become easy and effortless? If this is what you have been thinking about, then go ahead and get yourself the best German language institute. However, you must also understand that apart from the German language, you also need to learn more about German culture which will make it easy for you to get along with the Germans and the German culture after you step into the German soil.

So, let’s dive into the things that have been experienced by the people who have spent some time of their lives living in Germany so that you can get hold of those things in advance and make your life more comfortable after arriving in Germany.

  1. Football is sacred

There is no doubt in stating the fact that football is treated as a holy thing by the Germans. Germany is among those few countries in the world that are crazy about Football. It is true that they are such hardcore fans of football and their respective teams that they even hate each other without any personal reasons just because they belong to separate football clubs. The inflexible favouritism is so transparent that people often wear their favourite club’s jersey or color while being busy with their daily activities.

  1. Too serious about time

Germans do not joke around when it comes to being punctual. They are very serious about punctuality and expect the other person to be on time if there is a meeting scheduled. Arriving late at any place is considered rude which will certainly not go down well with the one waiting for the other person. So, it is better to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier rather than being 10-15 minutes late.

  1. Sundays are rest days

Germans are very clear about their Sunday agenda. In Germany, Sundays are literally rest days wherein you are supposed to have a peaceful time at your home or wherever you like. But, the point to note here is that the majority of the stores are closed on Sunday except bakeries, railway stations, and petrol pumps to name a few. Also, you are not supposed to do mow your lawns or do play loud music on Sundays because it is the rest day and people tend to get offended when their peace is hindered due to any reason.

  1. Cash makes all the sense

In Germany, if you keep cash with you all the time, you will be at a profit because the majority of the stores in Germany do not accept cards. In case, you do not have cash while you are shopping at a large store or shopping justify, you can easily withdraw cash at these locations as they do encompass ATMs inside their premises.


So, the above mentioned are a few of the topmost things that you will get to see when you will arrive at the German territory. Now, before you go, make sure to get yourself in the best German language course in CP.

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