The ultimate German phrase guide for your trip to Germany

germanIt’s almost November and we can’t help but go gaga about the upcoming holiday season, and what better than a trip to Germany! Europe is undoubtedly the biggest continent, and hence the most diverse in terms of cultures, landscapes, and people. Germany, the highlight of Europe, takes away all the limelight because of its diversity and craziness. But before you head to Germany for a memorable trip, you should definitely dig some facts about the German language.

Though people speak English in Germany, what’s the harm in going through some elements of the German language for a basic German conversation? Imagine you run into a person and you are confused about the directions to a theatre; and worst, the person doesn’t speak English. Don’t want to face that kind of a situation? Learn the German language from the top German language institute in Delhi.

But, if you’re in a hurry, we can help you with some German phrases for tourists, so that you can have a smooth travel experience in Germany.

First, let’s go through the basic German words list:

  1. Hello- hallo
  2. Good day- Guten Tag
  3. Please- Bitte
  4. Thank you- Dankeschon
  5. No, thanks- Nein, Danke
  6. Excuse me/ sorry- Entschuldigung
  7. Goodbye- Auf Wiedersehen

Now that you’re familiar with the basics, we’re going to pose some situations that you’re going to come across:

Situation no. 1: At an airport or a train station


We know that you can feel the butterflies in your stomach already. But, you can save the nervousness and try these German sentences examples instead:

Entschuldigung, können Sie mir bitte helfen? (Excuse me, could you help me please?)

Conversing in German is advantageous as it would help the stranger understand that you need help and you can breathe a sigh of relief.

If you’re navigating an airport or a train station, ask:

Wo ist der Bahnhof, bitte?  (Where’s the train station, please?)

Situation no. 2: Finding a toilet


Well, you usually find toilets at the airport or the train station, but what if you don’t know the way? Just ask, “Entschuldigung, wo sind die Toiletten, bitte?” (Excuse me, where are the toilets please?).

Not only that, you must know that toilets in Germany have men and women written in German; where Herrer/Manner is the men’s toilet and Damen/ Frauen is the women’s toilet. So know these words before you end up in the wrong restroom!

Situation no. 3: At a restaurant/ café


When you go out for lunch or dinner in Germany, restaurant manners are a must, but for that, you need to converse in German. So here are some German sentences examples:

  • Einen Tisch für eins/zwei/drei, bitte. (A table for one/two/three, please)
  • Die Rechnung, bitte. (The bill, please)

Situation no. 4: With the cabbie


Giving the correct directions to the cab drivers while you explore Germany is what you need to concentrate on the most. Follow these sentences to get to the right destination on time:

  • Zum Bahnhof/Flughafen, bitter. (To the train station/ airport, please)
  • Ist das weit weg? (Is it far away?)
  • Wie lange dauert das? (How long does it take?)
  • Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe! (Thank you for your help!)


Traveling to Germany and exploring the country is definitely an experience of a lifetime, and if you know the German language, it’s a cherry on the cake. So pick from the best German language courses in Delhi and learn to speak fluent German, to have a great holiday. Guten tag!

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