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TestAS is ideal for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate studies at German universities. It is tailored to assess their scholastic aptitude and intellectual abilities crucial for success in higher education.

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    What is TestAS?

    TestAS serves as a standardized scholastic aptitude test, assessing key intellectual abilities crucial for success in university studies. Tailored for international study applicants, it is designed for those pursuing undergraduate studies at German universities.

    Benefits of TestAS?

    University Admission

    TestAS results are widely accepted by many German universities as part of their admission criteria for various programs.

    Fair Assessment

    The test provides a fair and standardized way to assess the academic suitability of international applicants, ensuring equal opportunities for all.

    Preparation for Studies

    Taking TestAS can help applicants understand the academic requirements and expectations of German universities, preparing them for the challenges of higher education.

    Subject-Specific Profiling

    TestAS includes a core test assessing cognitive abilities and a subject-specific test. This allows universities to evaluate applicants not only based on general skills but also in relation to their chosen field of study.

    International Recognition

    TestAS is recognized beyond Germany, making it a valuable assessment tool for international students seeking educational opportunities in German-speaking countries.

    Diversity in Admissions

    Universities can use TestAS scores to assess a broader range of qualifications, promoting diversity in student admissions.

    Scholarship Eligibility

    Some universities may use TestAS results to determine eligibility for scholarships or financial aid.

    Integration Support

    TestAS results can also be used to identify areas where students may benefit from additional support or integration programs during their studies.

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    Guaranteed Admission!

    TestAS Preparatory Program

    Study Feeds is offering a guaranteed admissions program for bachelor’s in Germany for selective programs in Public Universities. This is an exclusive program designed for school students looking for direct admissions in Germany in course of their choice after completing their 12th in India or abroad. 

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