Study in Germany :- What you Need to Know?

Engineering in Germany

Students who are aspiring to get their engineering done in abroad finds ‘Germany’ an ideal destination to do it. Germany is a home to the best of universities offering world-class education at such minimal fees or at no fees. The country ‘Germany’ is highly recommended for the best of master’s degree, engineering degree, law, medical and for other fields as well. With world-class facilities for influential higher education, Germany is definitely an education hub.

Students looking for a higher education can get scholarship as the government offers numerous scholarships which help students to pursue their higher education at a low fees. The prime reason to choose ‘Germany’ as your study destination is that the undergraduates and postgraduates get a chance to select their desired subject from the various options of courses available there including engineering, languages, agriculture, law, medical, and the list just goes on and on…

Coming to its fees structure, it is way less than the other universities situated any other country offering higher education. It is because of the scholarship which federal government offers to all the students going there for the purpose of getting a higher education which helps them to get their desired job.

A large number of students are studying here for free and all they have to pay is the amount of the student welfare activities and accomodation charges. To get the scholarship, students have to score good marks as the government have set a criteria which the aspiring students need to meet.

In the past few years, the engineering programs have been successfully replaced by the bachelors and masters education. Talking about the best of universities for engineering in Germany, there are many universities which offers high-class education.

List of Top 15 Universities for Engineering in Germany

  1. RWTH Aachen TU Berlin
  2. TU Braunschweig
  3. TU Darmstadt
  4. TU Dresden
  5. Leibniz Universitat Hannover
  6. KIT Karlsruhe, TU Munich
  7. Uni Stuttgart, TU Freiberg
  8. Uni Frankfurt, Uni Freiburg
  9. Uni Goettingen,
  10. Uni Heidelberg
  11. Uni Cologne (Koln)
  12. Uni Leipzig
  13. Uni Mainz
  14. LMU Munich
  15. FU Berlin

These are top 15 universities which have the required  to fulfill your desire of becoming an a good engineer. Students interested to pursue mechanical engineering in Germany can apply in the following top 4 German universities which are ranked among the top 100 universities to pursue mechanical engineering

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