Some Myths Which Needs to be Debunked About Germany

Some Myths which need to be debunked about Germany

Are you planning on moving to Germany to continue with your higher studies? If yes, then do not forget to seek help from the topmost German language school as they are going to help you fit into the German education system much effortlessly.

Now, let us come to the real deal! As you are heading to Germany very soon, it is obvious to presume that you have heard a lot of things about Germany and its culture or traditions which you find amusing or tough to digest. Well! There are many myths that you hear about Germany on a regular basis. However, here, the most common myths will be debunked so that you do not fall prey to such obnoxious misconceptions.

  1. Every German hails Nazi

First things first! Labelling people of a specific region by its history is not just rude but ridiculous at the same time. Nazi Germany is long gone and present Germany is full of peace and does not hesitate to welcome people from all around the world with open arms. Although there is a small section of Neo-Nazishowever, majority of the Germans are anti-Nazi and highly condemn the acts that took place in the era of Nazi Germany.

  1. Germans are rude

It is very common to hear that Germans are not humble and are more often than not, harsh. Well! This is not exactly true. Germans are very sweet beings and are also very polite. However, as they are too upfront, sometimes it feels like they are being rude when in reality, they are just being straightforward. Simply put, Germans do not like to sugarcoat things and feel much more comfortable in stating clearly what they actually have to say.

  1. No speed limit in Germany

This is so untrue to say that German roads do not have any limitation on speed. Although Germany is known for super-sporty automobiles that do not mean that one can just drive along the German roads on top speed. Yes! The Autobahn in Germany which is similar to ‘highway’, has some sections where one can freely drive but the other sections comprise of strictly regulated roads that prohibits people from having more than 50 to 75 mph of speed.

  1. German is tough to learn

A very common saying which you probably have heard every now and then is that the German language is very difficult to learn. But the truth is, it is not so. In fact, German and English have the same Germanic roots, which is why many words in German are similar to English. Hence, people who are well-versed with the English language will have an easy time while learning the German language.

  1. German language is harsh to hear

German language is just like any other language. It basically depends on the person how they are speaking it. In addition, German language is as sweet as sugar.


So, these are the most widely-known myths about Germany. Hopefully, now your doubts are crystal clear. But, make sure that before you step into the land of Germany, you prepare yourself according to the German education standards with the help of the best German language courses.

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