How Much Does it Cost to get a Degree in Germany?

How Much Does it Cost to Get a Degree Abroad in Germany

Back in the year 2014, 16 states of Germany abolished the tuition fees at all the Public Universities of Germany for the undergraduate students. Since then, every national as well as international student is studying for free in the German Public Universities with paying just the nominal charges for the administration and other costs per semester.

However, during the autumn of 2017, the south west state of Baden-Württemberg reinstated the tuition fees for only the non-EU students. Now, the Universities situated in Baden-Württemberg charge tuition fees and the non-EU students have to pay €3,000 which is about US$3,500 per year.

At present, the low-cost education provided by the Universities attracts a good number of students from every part of the world. Moreover, in terms of providing the best education, Germany has been ranked as the fourth best country in the world following the United States of America, United Kingdom and Australia. Many students even take help of the best German language institutes so that they could be well-prepared for their German education lifestyle in advance.

Living Costs in Germany

Studying in Germany is highly cost-effective, however you do have to pay for the accommodation you live in. But, the living costs in Germany differ from one place to another. Some places in Germany are quite expensive to live as the other places in Germany charge very low on accommodation.For instance, Munich is regarded as the most expensive city in Germany as it charges around €12,000 i.e., US$13,900 per year for accommodation. Therefore, by evaluation, the average cost of living in Germany is around €10,200 which is US$11,800per year.

While living in Germany, you can expect your rent to be the largest expense on a monthly basis.However, you can expect your rent to be lower if you live in a flat ethic is shared by two or more people. Living in shared apartment can cost you around €280 i.e.,US$340 per month. If you choose to live in a student hall of residence, it can cost you about €234 i.e., US$290 per month.

According to the DAAD, here is the estimated costyou have to pay for every month in various categories while living in Germany.

  • Food – €168 (US$205)
  • Clothes – €42 (US$52)
  • Conveyance – €94 (US$115)
  • Internet, telephone and TV license – €31 (US$38)
  • Study and work materials – €20 (US$25)
  • Leisure activities – €61 (US$75)

Expense of Visa

Being an EU student, you won’t have to pay for the Visa charges as you won’t need any Visa to study in Germany if you are an EU national or native of Liechtenstein, Iceland, Switzerland and Norway. However, if you are a non-EU student, you can expect to shed about €60 which is US$74for your student visa.


So, the above statement gives you an idea about the average money you are going to shed on your education as well as living in Germany. However, before you move in to Germany, do make sure to take the best German language course in CP so that you get ready for the German life in advance.

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