Study Information Technology in Germany

The first thing you should know as you dream to study Information Technology in Germany is that Germany has been leader in world of technology for ages. German automotive and machinery has been known as superior than any other in the world for a long time. Due to this technological advancement and their sheer will to achieve more and more, Germans were able to challenge allied powers in two world wars. Leaving this aside Germany has advanced leaps and bounds in the field of technology and they have knowledge to offer to all. Their doors are open for everyone who wishes to walk through them and learn.

foto German universities have always been regarded as one of the premier universities for those who want to study Information Technology in Germany or pursue any other engineering course. To think of it, be it a fully automated computer system Conrad Zeus or all our favorite MP3, they have always out done themselves. Their tradition of thinking differently and being innovative has taken the front seat making the development exceptional in Information and technology sector. Hence, masters in information technology in Germany will definitely give you a lucrative career.

In monetary terms they have generated revenues of almost 153 billion Euros just in 2013! German ITC is known for doing things differently which can surprise anyone; they have always been a step ahead from the rest of the world. This can be proven by a simple fact, out of the entire patents applied in the field of Information and Technology Germany applies for over 12 percent of those patents, which include application ideas, software, website, hardware ideas and more. United States and Japan are the countries that Germany trails; they are only two countries to have filed more applications than Germany in IT field. In year 2010 field ITC sector accounted for nearly 13 percent of the total of the Germany’s innovation expenditure and which is huge for a single sector. This is one of the reasons why Germany holds world largest IT trade fair, ‘CeBIT’ bringing more than 4,000 exhibitors from over 70 different countries.

We all know how much computer and phone have evaded our personal life as well as every sector of industry. No industry can work without the support of Information and Technology sector, creating a high demand for professionals completing masters in information technology in Germany. Over 40 percent of German countries took help and used assessment of ITC in order to launch new Innovation. If ITC was not there to assist them may be this would not have been possible.

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