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October 31, 2018
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Celebrated on October 31 every year this Ancient Celtic Festival has Celtic roots deep enough to cause goose bumps. The Sahmain festival marks the beginning of the darker year, and the ending of the harvest season. The tradition started with lighting bonfires and warding off ghosts, which has taken the form of a celebration, wherein both children and adults participate, wearing donning costumes, scary makeup, trick or treat and Jack O’ Lanterns. While the tradition is quite prominent in the western culture, it didn’t hesitate to enter India, and is without a doubt loved by all.

The students at Study Feeds celebrated Halloween in an enthusiastic fashion, with equal active involvement from teachers and other staff members. With Black and Blue as the dress code, the students and teachers came in attractive clothing, adding maliciousness to the atmosphere. The Halloween celebration 2018 took place in a series of events which were spread across the day, with food, drinks, music and dance.





The students and faculty vehemently participated in all activities that kicked off with prop making, wherein everybody grabbed a marker each and designed balloons with scary faces, wrote German words related to Halloween and even made attractive posters. Their props filled the hall with vibrant hues of orange and black, the very colors that represent Halloween.



The event was followed by a presentation, in which he participants had to guess certain German words that had a clue to them. The game was all fun and guesses, where some guessed the word correctly and some did not. It was all fun and laughter, and everybody thoroughly enjoyed.



To bring the scariness of Halloween, everyone became a storyteller, writing the scariest Halloween story possible. After an hour, participants came up with insane Halloween stories, some scary while the others hilarious, creating a roar of laughter across the room.



Then the students were put to test of their knowledge about through a Halloween Quiz. Organized in teams, the students were asked questions about Halloween, its history, its culture, its witches, bats and blood. There was zealous participation from the students and teachers, and exhibited a surprisingly good knowledge about the inner stories of the celebration.



The story writing event was followed by a talent show, wherein the students exhibited the wonderful talents they possessed. While some did poetry, others enacted a scene. While some performed live commentary, the others did a gig. Filled with all applause, the talents of the students were far beyond imagination and inspiring.



The day proceeded with a karaoke, with which the students managed to sing with the lyrics on the screen, creating a mesmerizing environment. After that the students put on their dancing shoes and gave solo and group performances worthy of applause.

The final and the most awaited event was the treasure hunt that created fun and chaos, with students running in opposite directions to find the ultimate treasure. The day closed with everybody coming together for some feet tapping music and sumptuous food and drinks, with a lot of fun and laughter, with deep bonding between everyone and a lot of happy memories.

Ending note:

Halloween has crawled to all parts of India, and has become a mass celebration everywhere. With all the costumes and the makeup, the lanterns and the stories, the music and dance; people celebrate the festival with all fun and enthusiasm.

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