All about the German university system

Germany is well-known for its world-class education and top ranking universities. The Higher Education in Germany is internationally recognized and also will assist you in getting placed in some of the oldest and most established universities in the world. So, opting for German universities means, having a renowned degree and a platform for establishing your career in the global market.

German universities and its types:

Universities in Germany are categorized according to the methods of teaching and the subjects being taught there. German universities are divided into private and public funded institutions but most of them are financed by the state. Some of them are running by the Protestant and churches. Let’s learn more about the universities here:

  1. Universities of Science:


These universities are mainly focused on the scientific knowledge which offers courses in the field of science, technology, social affairs, and media. With the theoretical knowledge, it also provides real-world requirements of professional space.

  1. Technical universities


Technical universities specialize in certain subjects like technical universities, medical schools. This will be your right place if you are planning to pursue a doctorate program (Ph.D.).

  1. Universities of Art, Film and Music


It offers artistic subjects such as Fine Arts, Dancing, Acting, Fashion Designing, Graphic Art, Media studies and so on. To get the admission here, you need to show your talent through an aptitude test. The notable thing is that most of the universities of Art and Music provide instructions in German. So you need to brush up your language skills, for that, join German Language School in Delhi to avoid the future hurdles. Also look for the tutorial on how to learn German language fast.

Types of Degree Programs in German Universities

  1. The degree of Bachelor (BA, Bsc., Bachelor of engineering, etc)


In Germany, you will learn the basics of specific subjects in six to eight semesters in the Bachelor programs. The graduate degrees from here are accepted and estimated worldwide. After completing the bachelor degree, either you can continue studying for the next higher degree or start your professional careers.

  1. Master Degree Programs


It is the second level university qualification offered by the German universities which will take four semesters. It will require several examinations and writing a specific graduate thesis. Once you have earned the master degree, your knowledge will get deeper at any specific subject.

  1. State Examination programs


If you want to make your career in Germany as a Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, Pharmacist, then you have to pass a state examination. After that, you can begin your practical training period to prepare for the second state examination. It is not an academic program but a state-recognized degree program.

  1. Doctorate programs


Doing doctorate degree means earning the doctoral title, that is, Ph.D. It usually takes two to five years and based on the research works or projects.


Once you completed the degree programs successfully from Germany, you will have the most recognized degree which is hugely respected by the employers worldwide. They provide excellent academic programs which will greatly facilitate your career start. The Free Education in Germany for International Students makes it the ideal destination for foreign students. Learn German if you are planning to enroll in German universities, go for the Best German Language Courses in Delhi. So, make up your mind and give your career a boost!

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