German songs that are easy to get hold of

Are you a fan of music? Do you like to listen to music and explore its various genres? A lot of musicians have emerged from dust to be this day’s pop sensation and an inspiration. Not just English and American singers, but there are other artists whose compositions took the internet by storm and made their audiences compelled to dance on their feet. Songs like Despacito, Gangnam Style and Waka Waka were big hits in the world of music. These were all sung by singers from different corners of the world.

When we talk about music, Germans aren’t behind. In the past years, German music has been loved by all, as some great musicians and bands are originally German.

Music helps you learn

Have you ever wondered why you grasp song lyrics faster than any other material that you read or study? Well, that’s the power of music. The rhythm is what makes the learning process easier and engaging. When you are in the process of learning German from a German Language Institute in Delhi, it is quite natural to be tired of the books and all the study material, and that’s when you need to adopt new methods of learning.

So while you study the basics of the language at the institute, here are some classic German songs that you can learn and sing along to relax your nerves and help you speak the German language like a pro!

  1. Träume

This hit of the 1970s was composed and sung by Françoise Hardy, a French artist, who released records in three languages English, Italian and German. The song Träume is a German single that is easy to keep up pace with. So get into the shower and sing this song out loud!

  1. Fuchs Geh’ Voran

The song was composed by the famous metal troupe Scorpions that gained much popularity. Meaning Fox on the run, this song has lyrics about a fox that is being chased by a hunter for its fur! The song appeared in many movies including “When in Rome”, and was also a part of the trailer of the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2”.

  1. Atemlos durch die Nacht

Composed in 2013 by Helene Fischer, this song came out to be a big hit among the German population in Europe, and was Helene’s biggest hit single. So just hit the play button, understand the German songs lyrics and sing through!

  1. 99 Luftballoons

This pop classic from the 1970s set the bar of German music, which was also released in English. This song has some catchy beats that you can dance to, and the lyrics are easy enough to learn. If you are a fan of German pop music, you will relate to this!


These classic German songs are just a part of the vast music collections that the Germans have produced and preserved all these years. To be able to understand and sing these songs, you must be proficient in the German language. Choose from the best German Language Courses in Delhi and enjoy the variety of music that the Germans have to offer!

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