German Language Lessons – Review of Rocket German

Rocket German is an online application that provides German language course in a compact and convenient manner for easy learning. Generally, you get three levels in the specified course, which are Premium level 1, Premium Plus level 2 and the last is Platinum level 3. The first level is for the beginners and gradually the level is increased accordingly to the intermediate and expert level.

While there are a number ways available now to learn new languages, starting from online video courses, to classroom programs such as German Language Institute in Delhi, to several language-specific apps, Rocket German is one such app equipped with both video and textual course.

Features of Rocket German

The points mentioned below the features of this app:

  • Interactive audios

Short conversations along with the pronunciation of German words are greatly focused on this app. Alongside, you get to learn some grammar tips too how to use certain words in your sentences. Thus, this is the main part of the app.

  • Lessons on German culture

You also get a basic idea about the German culture, which inculcates a feeling of nearness towards the same, and consequently, helps, in easier learning of the language.

  • Instant German-speaking kit

The course also includes certain smaller kits of speaking German on topics like food, fashion, travel, and similar topics. This is the best takeaway from this app.

  • Quiz session

Once you have installed this app on your device, you get to test your knowledge and level of progress too, through the same app. It has a quiz session too, where you get short questions on topics like word meanings and get results to assess your performance.

  • Community

You can also connect with other learners through the communities and forums that are included in the app.

German is a widely spoken language and it is observed that while you learn German, it will help you in connecting to more than 100 million people out there. The language is also somewhat to learn for someone who speaks English, and thus in Indian, most people opt for this as a second language even. If you are one of them and willing to learn German in a crash course or regular class course, then you may go for German Language Class in Delhi.

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