German conversation phrases to use while on a trip to Germany

Are you heading for a trip to Germany this winter season? Well, it’s time that you pack your suitcases with some winter wear and a German dictionary. While you would need the former to combat the chilly winters in Germany, you wouldn’t need a dictionary if you learn the German language from a German Language School in Delhi. In order to be comfortable around Germans, you need to learn the language to crack up a basic German conversation with the natives. You can do that by learning some common German phrases to get your way around in Germany. So, let’s get started!

Situation no. 1: When you need to use the restroom


It’s a nightmare when you’re in a public place and you don’t know enough German to ask directions to a public toilet. Don’t worry, you’ve got our back. Here is how you can ask for it:

Wo befinden sich die Toiletten? Is what you can ask, which means “Where is the toilet?”

Situation no. 2: Buying a ticket


Are you pumped up for some sightseeing in Germany? Well, you better buy tickets, and for that use this phrase- Wo kann ich ein Busticket/Zugticket kaufen?, the English translation for which is  “where can I buy a bus ticket or a train ticket?”

Situation no. 3: Taking a picture


When you are at a beautiful beach or a museum in Germany with your friends or family, it is natural that you want to preserve those memories with some photographs. So don’t be shy and ask, Können Sie ein Foto von mir/uns machen?, meaning Can you take a picture of me/us?

Situation no. 4: Shopping in German


When you are shopping in Germany, you need to know basic German to at least pay the right amount for the item purchased. So use these German phrases with pronunciation:

  • Haben Sie etwas Billigeres? – Do you have something cheaper?
  • Akzerptierien Sie ausländische (Kredit)Karten- Do you accept foreign credit cards?
  • Können Sie eine gute/ein gutes cafe empfehlen? – Do you know a good restaurant that you could recommend?
  • Wie viel kostet das?- How much is it?

Situation no. 5: In case of an emergency


We really hope and pray that you don’t have to use these phrases, but just in case you fall into an emergency, use these:

  • Das ist ein Notfall.- this is an emergency
  • Kann ich Ihr Handy benutzen? Ich bin krank.- can I use your cell phone? I am sick.

This case is an imperative one, because god forbid, if you have an emergency, you can at least call for help. So don’t depend on a translator or your phone for that, learn these by heart. Also learn some German expressions before visiting Germany, and practice enough to enhance your German vocabulary.


Now that you are familiar with the basic German conversation phrases, you are ready for that to-be awesome trip to Germany. To impress the natives in Germany, however, you can choose from the Best German Language Courses in Delhi and converse with them fluently. If you have your basic German vocabulary right, you will be able to travel without any difficulty. So go through these phrases before your visit to Germany, and delve into the German culture as you have a great time. Do not forget to share your German-speaking experiences with us!

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