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August 4, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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Germany is a place where more than 2.5 Lakh students from overseas come every year to pursue higher education. Very low or free of cost tuition fee plays a big role among the various reasons behind this increasing number. Over that the students can choose from various options to study for their degree courses like they can choose from Engineering to MD to even Viticulture Studies in Germany.

Viticulture Studies in Germany

The art of exploring and researching about the variety of grapes to produce wine is called Viticulture, the name came from the Latin word Vine. It is a part of Horticulture where the whole process of cultivating, culture and variety of grapes is studied especially for wine making. There are various courses for Viticulture studies in Germany like the study of the cultivation of grapes to the finished product as wine and horticulture crop disease etc.

Career Opportunity in Viticulture

Grapes and wine industry is running since a long time. Therefore, there are a significant number of positions all around the world for the graduates in Viticulture. The wine industry is huge in this world and the demand for it never dips so the positions like Wine Critics or Chief Winemaker at a winery or being a wine tour specialist is strong enough.

Due to the strong economic growth in Germany, the government sponsors the tuition fee for the undergraduate degree courses pursued by both national and overseas students. The public universities only charge few bucks for the administration charges. Let’s find out the reason behind the increasing interest of overseas students to pursue higher education in Germany.

  1. An array of Options: – German Universities provide educational courses for a wide range of courses. Students have the opportunity to choose from wide range of courses as per their interest or expertise. Every course is even further drilled down for providing efficient knowledge and experience.
  2. Tuition Fee: – The tuition fees of the local and international students pursuing the undergraduate course from Universities affiliated with the Germany Government are being sponsored by the government. The students are required to pay a small amount for the administration charges.
  3. Part-time Jobs: – The students have the permission to work for a part time to earn. Because, apart from the tuition fees there are many other expenses like local travel, house rent, food, stationery and various other expenses that needs to be paid by the students.
  4. Scholarship: – The German Government has various scholarship schemes to help the students financially so that financial issue doesn’t become a hindrance in between the studies.
  5. Acceptance of Degree: – The degree given by German Universities and institutions are widely accepted and recognized all over the world and plays a vital role in getting a reputable and secured job.

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