The most famous witch in Germany

The history of witchcraft


Europe has a parchment-long history of witchcraft and has been the premium hub for witchcraft trials since the 15th century. German witchcraft traditions gained quite a lot of popularity during that period of time leading to trials and executions of a lot of people, one of them being Walpurga Hausmannin.

She was accused of being engaged in witchcraft and malicious deeds that caused her execution in the early 16th century. Upon the knowledge about her performing German witchcraft spells, she was thrown into prison and tortured to the most extreme level. Walpurga Hausmannin has an interesting history that took an unexpected turn of events and led to her merciless death.

About Walpurga Hausmannin


Walpurga Hausmannin was born in the 15th century and was widowed in 1556. She used to work as a midwife, and that’s when she met Federlin, with whom; she was reported to have an intimate relationship. Federlin knew her poor condition and promised her that he would relieve her from the strangles of poverty. But who knew that it would lead to her execution.

The man one day told her to dedicate herself fully to Satan a.k.a the devil and sacrifice lives of cattle and infants and cause disruptions in the lives of people and would get rich in return. Since Walpurga Hausmannin was old and having great difficulty in making ends meet, she could not help but accept the offer.

She accepted his demands in exchange for poverty free life, and apparently landed herself into trouble. She accepted the terms and conditions of Federlin disguised as Satan; them being: killing children, cattle and destroying crops. She was taken to Lucifer by Federlin, who passed the order of such malicious acts.

The sad fate of the old woman


Upon the realization of her malicious deeds, she was held for trial, and when she was tortured, she confessed a lot more than what was required and expected; and was burned alive.

She had taken an oath as a midwife, to assist women during childbirth. She took her oath with her right hand which was cut off right after she landed in prison. She was accused of killing 41 infants and three pregnant women, along with a huge amount of cattle.

Walpurga was also reported to have caused hailstorms twice a year by attacking the harvest. She was tortured to an extent that made her realize that she would not survive the trial. She, therefore, admitted to the fact that she was a witch and confessed to her crimes, post which, she was burned alive in Bamberg, Germany in front of thousands of people.

There is still a mystery as to how much of the story is real and how much a myth. No matter what the case is, this witchcraft trial gained a lot of popularity in the 16th century and even afterward. Though witchcraft trials have come to an end, there is still a lot of insight about German witchcraft traditions that people have gained. Like Walpurga Hausmannin, 157 more people have had merciless executions, wherein some were beheaded, while some were burnt alive.


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