Study Landscaping in Germany

Among all the segments of engineering, landscaping courses in Germany have come to acquire much importance and attention in present days. Also known as green engineering, landscape engineering applies mathematical and scientific solutions for shaping landscapes. It merges design and art, science and ecology and planning and structural design. It deals with the skills of developing, preserving, maintaining and re-cultivating parks, fields, open areas etc. Recreational spaces are its prime focus. It is vital for the purpose of estimating liability and the levels of financial assurance. Students who study landscaping in Germany can acquire a bright career as landscape architects, among the many career options it offers.

‘Landscape engineering’ is a very broad term and accommodates in its functional and theoretical framework numerous sub-conceptions, work areas and practical functions. Landscape planning and landscape gardening or engineering, garden heritage conservation and village development offers works related to cultural-historical management, species and biotope protection planning, environmental compatibility assessments and leisure and recreational planning. Arboristics is very crucial to the study of landscape management, which deals with the matters of protection and development of urban greenery. The department also offers orientation, demonstration and consolidation courses and projects, which helps the students to build up a career-oriented future. Moreover, the students must have artistic and creative skills to join landscaping courses in Germany, which is a quintessential pre-requisite.

Landscape management or landscape planning is very career oriented. It opens up many employment options. Those who study landscaping in Germany and become landscape architects mostly work as freelancers or independent staff. They get employment opportunities in planning offices or in public administration such as civil servants or public workers, at federal state or for local authorities. Their work areas are gardens, cemeteries, park departments, urban planning and building departments, land surveying offices, water management departments and cultural heritage offices, nature conservation authorities, state and regional planning offices etc. Other employment fields include garden planning, landscape planning or engineering and sports facility construction companies.

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