Study Forestry in Germany

Forest management and forestry courses in Germany are mainly concerned about meeting the endless and ever-increasing requirements of humans with sustainable, organized and professional utilization of resources. They also lay stress upon various economic and market use of forest goods; ranging from woods to pulp, everything. Forests play a key role in maintaining a perfect ecological balance, in improving soil fertility. Forests avail quality air, develop agriculture and apart from everything, provide a room for rest and recreation of mankind.

Forests are of great importance for economic growth. This is well evident from the fact that; Germany, one of the leading economic countries has one-third of its surface area covered by forests and woods. Talking about forest commodities, wood being a renewable resource leads all and is thus earning huge market profits. The department of forestry and forest management has extended their area of work to tropical rain forests, global wood and forest ecosystem laying equal importance on international marketing.

Quality forestry management requires strong educational base, innovative and interactive methods of teaching and learning (e.g. distance learning and use of new Technologies). It also requires proper training and guidance, aptly provided to those who study forestry in Germany. Initiatives are being taken in this direction by various world famous organizations like Society of American Foresters (SAF), though changes are still required in the approaches made towards forestry education, forest policies and hence in the role of foresters. Forestry learners and graduates who pursue forestry courses in Germany are basically appointed in public sector, that includes forest administration and forest agencies, in state forest administrations, forest directorates, forestry units in governments and ministries, in forest planning units, in forest experimentation and research facilities, in chambers of agriculture, and in offices, agencies and authorities responsible for environmental protection, nature conservation and landscape conservation.

Apart from public sector, private sector also hires forestry scholars who study forestry in Germany in different private forest corporation, in forestry societies, forest-focused organizations and in several relational forestry based industries, e.g. timber processing companies.

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