Compelling Reasons to Pursue a Master’s in Engineering in Germany

The economic powerhouse of Europe, Germany is the country that exhibits the highest living standards and a diverse environment through its people, the culture and of course, education. Germany is popular for its education all over the world that is rich in quality. Every candidate that earns a bachelor’s or a master’s degree from a German university is exposed to a plethora of job opportunities, thus making a life for him/her.

So if you wish to be hired as a high-profile engineer, it is best that you pursue a master’s course in Engineering from Germany. Here are some reasons why we are emphasizing about doing it from Germany:

Negligible tuition fees

Shocked? Well, the German government is of a very healthy thought process and believes that education is a fundamental right and it shouldn’t be denied. That’s why all public universities in Germany charge low or no tuition fee at all. The universities that charge fees, comes under the administrative fees, which is as costly as a sandwich in your cafeteria. When you can save your educational costs to 100 percent, why go anywhere else?

Scholarship opportunities

Yes, the Germans are generous people. International students are entitled to scholarships that are provided by corporate organizations, government organizations, research centers, to name a few. These organizations provide financial support in the form of accommodation costs, monthly bills, study material and so on. So if you are looking forward to pursuing a master’s degree in engineering from Germany, we suggest that you consider your scholarship options.

English taught programs

One reason why thousands of internationals flood Germany every year to pursue education is that Germany offers courses in the English language as well. If your course was in the German language, you would have to take classes to learn German language. But, not anymore. You can study engineering in English, taught by professionals and have a comprehensive understanding of the subject at hand.

Top universities to study in

Germany is known for its state of the art technology, the basic source of which is the long list of technical universities. Here are some of the best universities in Germany to pursue engineering:

  • Technical University of Munich
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • RWTH Aachen University
  • University of Stuttgart
  • Karlsruhe Institute of technology
  • TU Dresden

Low living costs

If you are looking to study engineering in Germany, the living costs that you would have to face are much lower than other countries that offer master’s courses in engineering. The living expense in Germany can stoop to as low as 700 Euros a month. Also, if you feel that the costs are high, you are allowed to work part-time for 720 hours a year. So don’t worry, as there are tons of options available.

Practical knowledge

Germany is known for its cutting edge technology, and German universities work closely with the research centers to give their students an insight into the real world of technology. So not only you gain the theoretical knowledge about the subject, but you also get to apply that knowledge to in real-world situations.

Job opportunities

Your master’s degree in engineering from a German university can get you a well-paying job, as technology is something that is worshipped in the country. With a high-profile job at a big shot company in Germany, you can earn more than 46 thousand Euros a year! Do you need another reason to study in Germany?


So now that you are well aware of what Germany has in store for you, apply for a master’s program in engineering before it’s too late. Also, when you visit Germany, it is good to be accustomed to the culture of the place. To know it better, learn German language and make new friends. So pursue your engineering dream at one of the best German universities and reap the benefits that follow.

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