The Best Universities in Germany for Architecture

Universities in Germany for Architecture

Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world, holding high QS world university rankings and a huge success rate. Also, the best part about German universities is that they don’t charge any tuition fee. The Germans believe in education being a basic fundamental right and hence do not charge a single penny from the students, thus breaking free form any financial constraints.

Germany is the birthplace of architecture, giving rise to many architectural marvels that we presently witness in the country. Germany saw the inception of architecture that shaped the country in a beautiful way. The German architects became an inspiration and their architectural designs have been incorporated in many projects around the world. This rich history in the field of architecture in Germany attracts thousands of students every year, learning German language to be able to pursue this course and enhance the face of design in the years to come. The faculty of architecture is one of the best courses to study in Germany, offering immense scope for growth in the same.

Here is a list of the most sought-after universities for architecture:


The Brandenburg University of Technology is one of the best universities in Germany offering abundant theoretical and practical knowledge about architecture. Situated in Cottbus, Germany, the university houses an innovative study environment with immense scope for growth and plenty of working opportunities. The faculty of architecture provides the students with ample exposure to apply their learning to complex construction projects thus building their thinking capacity and helping them, achieve expertise in the task at hand.


The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design was founded in the year 1761 and has a strong reputation for academic excellence in the field of fine arts and design. It is one of the most preferred institutions as it embraces two aspects of arts: fine arts which encompass sculpture and paintings and applied arts that include design and architecture. The university has a base of 850 students who take pride to be a part of it and strive to cultivate the skills and the earnings from the same.


Founded in 1880, the RWTH University is a university in North Germany centered around research, known for its quality education. The RWTH used to be a museum earlier, which is now a learning center to ignite young minds and make them professionals in various fields, one of them being architecture. The faculty of architecture encompasses a base of 1500 students gaining knowledge in the field of art history and structural design.


The technical university of Munich is one of the best German universities, with the department of architecture offering University level education. The faculty of architecture has 1200 students scattered across 26 departments that offer a wide range of subjects under the field of architecture. With 170 professionals offering the guidance and expertise to the students to master the subject, the university provides education and opens doors to various career opportunities.


The Bauhaus University is one of the first universities formed in Germany and is celebrating 100 glorious years. The university has a rich history to it and its concepts are still applied by the modern architects. Bauhaus has been one of the most prominent universities for studying architecture. The university operates with the mission to shape young learners and make them the creative thinkers and designers of tomorrow that carry the legacy of Bauhaus forward.


The universities in Germany offer world-class education and there is no doubt about it. Students migrate to study in Germany and attain quality education to create architectural marvels in their own countries as well. So if you are planning to study architecture in Germany, learning German language is important, to get more insight about the history backing the architecture of the country. Visit Germany and enjoy the benefits of its rich education system.

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