Bauhaus: Celebrating 100 Glorious Years

Bauhaus 100th anniversary

Germany is home to some of the best universities across the globe, offering education that is clearly a class apart. With free education offered across the whole of Germany, the country has managed to gain much appreciation from students, laurels, and aspirants. Immigration has increased, with more people wanting to study, work and live in Germany and that’s what makes it a culturally diverse nation. People are taking German language learning as a prerequisite to enter one of the universities and are working hard to attain quality education in the country. Nobles and laureates took birth in Germany and made it an educational abode by offering quality education to the students. There have been universities who have seen generations graduate; one of them being the Bauhaus University, Weimar.

About the university

Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, the university has modernized the arena of design and culture, which has served the community, time and again. Gropius believed that architecture is the ultimate goal of artistic activity. This very notion made the Bauhaus university the center of attention and attracted young and creative minds from all over the world.

The university started in Weimar, and then moved to Dessau and then Berlin. When we look at the building of the university with a flat roof and ultra-modern design, it is hard to believe that the structure was built a hundred years ago! Though it lived a span of 14 years, this architectural marvel has been awarded the status of a UNESCO World Heritage.

Featuring about 40 courses of study, the university has managed to be one of the top 100 universities as per the QS World University Rankings. Fine arts, media design, processing technology, visual communication, media studies, and civil engineering, management, environment, and material sciences are some of the most sought-after courses in the university.

The university faced its unexpected yet permanent closure by the Nazis in 1933, for its democratic approach. But the university principles still managed to make their way alive. There were graduates who relocated to different countries and started their own design schools, thus keeping the spirit of Bauhaus alive.

Celebrating the architectural marvel

With design and architecture being the primary focal point, the university has been able to create a huge impact on the industry of design. There used to be such a huge demand for the courses offered back at the time that the university used to fall short of space. A strict admission process followed, to admit the best of creative minds to pursue architecture in the university.

To mark the centenary of the most influential school in the history of design, not only Germany, but the entire world will be celebrating. With likeminded people embracing the birthplace of modernism, there will be a series of events taking place in many parts of Germany and the world. The biggest event of the year, the centenary of Bauhaus University is all set to take place in Germany.

The museums that were once design schools in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin will be taking center stage. The modular furniture that stores like IKEA and MUJI house have been greatly influenced by Bauhaus’ classics.


The university’s wide spectrum and thought for design has made it make 100 years since its inception. It has given a new face to the art and design industry and has made an immense contribution to the same. The learning model of the university places its main focus on internationality, along with industrial practice, and the zeal to create experiment and innovate. If you wish to study design and architecture at one of the best universities, study German language and make your dreams come true.

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