5 solid reasons to learn German in India

Have you ever considered learning a foreign language? Having a second language by your side apart from your mother tongue is a key that opens the door to a vast array of opportunities. Among all the major languages that are being taught, German has maintained a firm grip in India, attracting students to be a part of it. The demand for German language in India is the highest, with a lot of scope to grow and flourish in. we think it it’s time for you to head for the Top German Language Institute in Delhi to learn German. Still in a dilemma? Look down to seven reasons that will compel you to learn the language:

It is the most spoken language in Europe

Having its roots in the whole of Europe, German is a pluricentric language, with countries like Austria and Switzerland having their own versions of it. Spoken by over a hundred million natives and 185 million people worldwide, the German language proves its existence and popularity in the simplest possible manner.

It offers a plethora of opportunities

The reason why the German language is important to learn today is that of the countless opportunities it has to offer. By taking a German language course, you can be a translator, a language teacher, a PR representative, a logistics expert, a media representative, and more fascinating profiles. The job opportunities after learning German language are plenty, allowing for exposure and constant growth in the coming years.

Opportunities for studying

If you learn the German language and obtain a level of proficiency in the same, you can dance around as you have cleared the one prerequisite to take admission in a German University and obtain education free of cost! That very German language course will open doors for you to obtain an education abroad, and have a degree that is universally applicable, no matter where you work. Whether it is engineering, medicine, art, or the media; you can pursue your higher studies in whichever field you like.

German is prominent in the travel and hospitality sector

Germans enjoy six weeks of vacation every year and travel the world and spend huge money. These German tourists boost the travel, tourism and hospitality industries, which highlights the need for German speakers and translators. Major travel agencies, tourist companies, airlines, and hotel chains prefer candidates with a high German proficiency to expand their business and expand their customer base. The German language is hence important for you to learn if you are aiming for a career in these industries.

German is popular in India

Among the top languages in India, German bags the second spot after French, giving it a close fight. The Max Mueller Bhavan is a major government body that promotes the German language, and no, it is not a recent investment; it dates back to the 20th century. Affiliated to the German embassy, this body has promoted German to a great extent and has attracted a lot of students to study the language. There are many institutions that offer a German Language Course in Delhi, with highly qualified teachers.


With so much to offer, learning the German language is one investment that is sure to yield good results. Do you still need a reason to learn German? So study German language in India and enjoy the benefits thereafter.

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