5 most widely spoken languages in Europe

5 most widely spoken languages in Europe

Europe is a continent that encompasses 50 countries, each holding a distinct historical and cultural significance. And, with different countries come different languages. However, there are five languages that dominate the continent, which we will be revealing in this blog. Not only do these languages offer money and freedom for those learning them, but also offer them vast opportunities for travelling and leisure. So if you have no idea as to what languages are spoken in European countries, have a look:

  • English

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    Yes, English tops the list of the most widely spoken languages in Europe, not because there are less native speakers that speak English, but because of the global importance that English holds as a language. The immigrants staying in Europe and the people who speak English as a second language combine to make English as the most widely spoken language in Europe, accounting to 38% of the total population.

  • French

    Image Credit – www.crablane.manchester.sch.uk

    On a global level, French is spoken by roughly 80 million people; but what makes it grab the second position is the fact that ninety percent of those 80 million people live in Europe. Hence French is the most widely spoken native language in Europe, with 12 percent speakers.

  • German

    GermanImage Credit – tinycards.duolingo.com

    As you take up a German language course in Delhi, you will be surprised to find a lot more people who want to learn German, whether it is for travel, work or study. With an overflow of career opportunities, Germany is the most common second language in Europe, with 11% total speakers of the total European population. If you are still in a dilemma, sweep them away and fulfill your dream of studying abroad by learning German from the Top German Language Institute in Delhi.

  • Spanish

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    With so many languages gaining popularity, Spanish isn’t behind. Spain being a major tourist stop has invited a lot of immigrants to be a part of the culture and learn Spanish. With 7% speakers in the whole of Europe, Spanish takes the fourth spot in the race of the most widely spoken languages in Europe.

  • Russian

    RussiaImage Credit – en.wikipedia.org

    Russian is more inclined to East Europe than the Western part of the continent, and is spoken by 5% speakers in Europe. It is the most widely spoken native language in Europe, as 77% of the total European population resides in Russia.


With so many languages dominating Europe, it is a strong indication that these languages are a way to grow move abroad to study and make a life. By just being proficient in one or more languages, you can open doors for a plethora of opportunities for yourself, and scale up your success graph with continuous scope for growth. So if you are planning to move to Europe, and are already proficient in English, it’s time that you move onto the next piece of cake, and enjoy its benefits.

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